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    3 Of The World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    During the Middle Ages, the art of blacksmithing was developed and many items of iron were produced which were welded by hammering. It was not until the 19th century that welding, as we know it today was invented. These are the 3 of World’s Biggest Welding Projects: 1. The Emma MAERSK Ship Half a century ago, steel ships […]

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    2 Insane Welding Processes You Need to Read About

    It’s hard to imagine a world where the tri-faced king of processes didn’t reign supreme. But beyond MIG, TIG and Stick lies a fascinating realm of barely-known insane welding processes. Here are 2 you’ve probably never even heard of. COLD WELDING Not so much “cold” as “not hot,” Cold welding requires absolutely no heat. How’s […]

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    Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

    top 10 safest countries world war 3 breaks out

    World War 3 is certainly something none of the average people around the world want to happen. But looking at current events with the U.S., Russia and China, and Putin now doing major evacuation drills of 40 million of his citizens, why not watch this video: You may like reading this: Most dangerous states in USA […]

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    Temporary ban lifted & ‘Rent-free week’ in Neelum valley planned

    Ratti Gali lake Neelam Valley

    MUZAFFARABAD: A temporary ban clamped by the administration on the entry of tourists in the picturesque Neelum valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of a cross-LoC attack on an Army vehicle in the area was lifted on Tuesday to the delight of nature lovers. Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Mohammad Fareed told Dawn that […]

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    A Complete Guide: How to become an Underwater Welder

    A Guide to Starting an Underwater Welding Career

    How to become an underwater welder is one of the top question asked by welders. This short articles guides you on how to start your underwater welding career. The demand for highly sophisticated underwater procedures and technologies is increasing, driven by deep sea oil and gas development and by marine infrastructure development and repair around […]

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    Underwater Welders Make Up To $300,000 a Year

    Underwater welders

    Some commercial divers’ underwater welding salary can hit up to $300,000+ annually. The primary factors that affect your income are Experience, Certification, Environment, Depth of Work, Dive Methods, Underwater Welding Equipment, Distance Offshore and Overtime. There are two primary types of underwater welders: Offshore Divers (welders) The starting salary of offshore underwater welder is between $40,000 – $60,000 and with 3-5+ years experience it […]