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    Some of These Least Visited Countries in The World Still Have A Lot to Offer.

    25 Least Visited Countries in The World

    Around 1.25 billion people traveled in 2016 to explore the world. Everyone knows about the top tourist destinations across the world where most tourist would think of going. These include France, USA, China, Spain, Italy, Turkey, UK, Germany, Malaysia and Mexico.

    Least Visited Countries in The World

    Here is the list of least traveled countries across the world with number of estimated tourists arriving in that country:

    25. Dominica: 73,000 tourists

    Country in the Caribbean

    Total population: 10.53 million (2015)

    The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the west. It’s known for its beaches, resorts and golfing. Its terrain comprises rain forest, Savannah and highlands, including Pico Duarte, the Caribbean’s tallest mountain.

    Why so few tourists: Not enough tourists facilities. There is only one commercial airport that cannot handle a big aircraft.

    24. Chad: 71,000 tourists

    Country in Central Africa

    Total population: 14.04 million (2015)

    Chad, officially the Republic of Chad, is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Libya to the north, Sudan to the east, the Central African Republic to the south, Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest and Niger to the west.

    Why so few tourists: Political instability and huge number of rebels make it unsafe.

    23. Central African Republic: 54,000 tourists

    Country in Central Africa

    Total population: 4.9 million (2015)

    The Central African Republic is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It is one of the poorest country in Africa and isn’t famous for anything.

    Why so few tourists: One of the poorest country and doesn’t offer any attraction for tourists.

    22. Liechtenstein: 53,000 tourists

    Country in Europe

    Total Population: 37,531 (2015)

    A very tiny country, you may never even heard of is landlocked between Switzerland and Austria.

    Why so few tourists: There is no airport. Country is very tiny (just 160 km²). There are though some amazing skiing spots and hiking trails that you should not miss if you visit this country.

    21. Djibouti: 53,000 tourists

    Country in East Africa

    Total Population: 887,861 (2015)

    Djibouti, on the Horn of Africa, is a mostly French- and Arabic-speaking country of dry shrub lands, volcanic formations and Gulf of Aden beaches.

    Why so few tourists: Very small desert country. Nothing to offer. No body wants to visit such a place.

    20. Sierra Leone: 52,000 tourists

    Country in West Africa

    Total Population: 6.453 million (2015)

    Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa, on the Atlantic Ocean. It’s known for the white-sand beaches lining the Freetown Peninsula. The capital city is Freetown.

    Why so few tourists: The country is knows for a deadly virus outbreak that happened recently. It still has some of the best beaches in the Africa. Getting in and out of the airport is a really painful. You have to either take a boat, a helicopter or a taxi to the capital city.

    19. Tonga: 45,000 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 106,170 (2015)

    Tonga is a Polynesian kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific islands, many uninhabited, most lined in white beaches and coral reefs and covered with tropical rain forest.

    Why so few tourists: In the middle of nowhere. Not easy to get here. Very few airlines fly to this destination. Though this island is a great diving and snorkeling destination.

    18. East Timor: 40,000 tourists

    Country in Asia

    Total Population: 1.245 million (2015)

    Timor-Leste, or East Timor, a Southeast Asian nation occupying half the island of Timor, is ringed by coral reefs teeming with marine life. Landmarks in the capital, Dili, speak to the country’s struggles for independence from Portugal in 1975 and then Indonesia in 2002.

    Why so few tourists: Doesn’t feel safe. Not many people even know that it exists. An amazing

    17. Bhutan: 37,000 tourists

    Country in South Asia

    Total Population: 774,830 (2015)

    Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, is known for its monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. In the High Himalayas, peaks such as 7,326 meters Jomolhari are popular trekking destinations.

    Why so few tourists: You will need to have a guide with you at all the time while exploring the country. May other countries offer the same attractions with less hassle.

    16. North Korea: 35,000 tourists

    Country in East Asia

    Total Population: 25.16 million (2015)

    North Korea, officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia constituting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the nation’s capital and largest city.

    Why so few tourists: Have you ever heard anything good about this country?

    15. Libya: 34,000 tourists

    Country in North Africa

    Total Population: 6.278 million (2015)

    Libya is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.

    Why so few tourists: There was a lot of propaganda about this country when the Late Colonel Qaddafi was in power. The unrest now in this country doesn’t attract any tourists either.

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    14. Guinea-Bissau: 30,000

    Country in West Africa

    Total Population: 1.844 million (2015)

    Guinea-Bissau is a tropical country on West Africa’s Atlantic coast that’s known for national parks and wildlife. The forested, sparsely populated Bijagós archipelago is a protected biosphere reserve.

    Why so few tourists: Not many airlines fly to this destination. Poor infrastructure.

    13. Mauritania: 29,000 tourists

    Country in Africa

    Total Population: 4.068 million (2015)

    Mauritania, officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country in the Maghreb region of western Africa.

    Why so few tourists: Doesn’t have anything attraction for tourists. No credit card network works here.

    12. Federated States of Micronesia: 26,000 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 104,460 (2015)

    The Federated States of Micronesia is a country spread across the western Pacific Ocean comprising more than 600 islands. Micronesia is made up of 4 island states: Pohnpei, Kosrae, Chuuk and Yap. The country is known for palm-shaded beaches, wreck-filled dives and ancient ruins, including Nan Madol, sunken basalt temples and burial vaults that extend out of a lagoon on Pohnpei.

    Why so few tourists: Far far away and not known to many people. The only airline that can take you to this place is United.

    11. Solomon Islands: 23,000 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 583,591 (2015)

    The Solomon Islands, a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific, has many WWII-era sites. Guadalcanal, a province and one of the archipelago’s largest islands, honors fallen Allied soldiers at its U.S. War Memorial. Guadalcanal is also home to the nation’s capital, Honiara, whose bustling Central Market showcases the islands’ produce and traditional handicrafts.

    Why so few tourists: Far far way. Not easy and cheap to get here as not many airlines fly here.

    10. Afghanistan: 17,500 tourists

    Country in South Asia

    Total Population: 32.53 million (2015)

    The warn torn country Afghanistan officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located within South Asia and Central Asia.

    Why so few tourists: Home to Taliban. The country can’t expect any tourists unless USA stops bombing this country.

    9. Comoros: 15,000 tourists

    Country in East Africa

    Total Population: 788,474

    The Comoros is a volcanic archipelago off Africa’s east coast, in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Mozambique Channel. The nation state’s largest island, Grande Comore (Ngazidja) is ringed by beaches and old lava from active Mt. Karthala volcano.

    Why so few tourists: Not many airlines fly to this country. There are myths surrounding this country that the mosquitoes here carry malaria.

    8. Sao Tome & Principe: 8,000 tourists

    Country in Central Africa

    Total Population: 190,344 (2015)

    São Tomé and Príncipe, an African island nation close to the equator, is part of a volcano chain featuring striking rock and coral formations, rainforests and beaches. On the larger island, São Tomé, is the Lagoa Azul lagoon. Ôbo Natural Park, a biodiverse jungle preserve, covers much of São Tomé and is distinguished by Pico Cão Grande, a skyscraper like volcanic rock.

    Why so few tourists: It will take you a very very very long time to get here. Very expeisive rare flight to this small country.

    7. Turkmenistan: 7,000 tourists

    Country in Central Asia

    Total Population: 5.374 million (2015)

    Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia bordered by the Caspian Sea and largely covered by the Karakum Desert. It’s known for archaeological ruins including those at Nisa and Merv, major stops along the ancient trade route the Silk Road. Ashgabat, the capital, was rebuilt in Soviet style in the mid-20th century and is filled with grand monuments honoring former president Saparmurat Niyazov.

    Why so few tourists: Bad reputation 🙁 Don’t believe what the media says, just go and see for yourself.

    6. Equatorial Guinea: 6,000 tourists

    Country in Central Africa

    Total Population: 845,060 (2015)

    Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country comprising the Rio Muni mainland and 5 volcanic offshore islands. Capital Malabo, on Bioko Island, has Spanish colonial architecture and is a hub for the country’s prosperous oil industry. Its Arena Blanca beach draws dry-season butterflies. The tropical forest of the mainland’s Monte Alen National Park is home to gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants.

    Why so few tourists: Very difficult to get hold of a tourist visa.

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    5. Marshall Islands: 5,000 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 52,993 (2015)

    The Marshall Islands are a sprawling chain of volcanic islands and coral atolls in the central Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines. In the northwest, Bikini Atoll’s largely undisturbed waters, used as a ship graveyard after World War II, are now a popular wreck dive site. Near Majuro Atoll, which holds the islands’ capital and largest settlement, the coral reef at Kalalin Pass teems with marine life.

    Why so few tourists: Far away in the middle of ocean. United Airlines fly here and the tickets are really expensive.

    4. Kiribati: 4,700 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 112,423 (2015)

    Kiribati, an island republic in the Central Pacific, comprises 33 coral atolls and isles stretching along the equator. With lagoons and white-sand beaches, many of its islands are uninhabited, offering a remote setting for fishing, diving and bird-watching. The crowded capital, South Tarawa, made up of small islets, retains remnants of WWII battles fought on its shores, and is known for folk dancing and handicrafts.

    Why so few tourists: Not very well knows. Far away from the rest of the world and its expensive to get here.

    3. Tuvalu: 1,200 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 9,916 (2015)

    Tuvalu, in the South Pacific, is an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth. Its 9 islands comprise small, thinly populated atolls and reef islands with palm-fringed beaches and WWII sites.

    Why so few tourists: Not knows to the world. Difficult and expensive to get here.

    2. Somalia: 500 tourists

    Country in East Africa

    Total Population: 10.8 million people

    Somalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north.

    Why so few tourists: Extremely bad reputation. Violance, War, No functioning government result in almost no tourism activity.

    1. Nauru: 200 tourists

    Country in Oceania

    Total Population: 10,084

    Nauru is a tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. It features a coral reef and white-sand beaches fringed with palms, including Anibare Bay on the east coast. Inland, tropical vegetation surrounds Buada Lagoon. The rocky outcrop of Command Ridge, the island’s highest point, has a rusty Japanese outpost from WWII. The underground freshwater lake of Moqua Well lies amid the limestone Moqua Caves.

    Why so few tourists: You will need a visa to get here and there are not many embassies of this country in the world. The total area of this tine island is 21 km² and there is not much to see on there.

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    These Travel Tips and Tricks Are Going To Make Your Next Trip The Best Trip

    top travel tips

    These travel tips and tricks are based on feedback and experience of many experienced travelers across the globe.

    Travelling is fun but sometimes things don’t go the way you want. Some of the mishaps can be avoided and some are part of the journey. These travel hacks are a few that you should try next time you are travelling.

    1. Be Patient

    Don’t get annoyed or anxious when something unexpected happens. Life is too short to be angry and upset. Remind yourself that it could have be worse. Did you miss your bus? No worries, there will be another one. Out of money? Hitchhike to the next town diving into the wilderness.

    2. Wake up Early

    Get out of bed as soon as you can. Less crowd and a few extra hours to explore your surroundings are the top perks of waking up early. Hardworking locals wake up early so go out and interact with new people.

    3. Take lots of Photos

    The saying goes like this – “Take lots of pictures, you’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take”. You may only meet these people and see these places once in your life so take as many photos as you can. Photos won’t take up space in your luggage and won’t cost you any money. Remember to take your shot then leave your camera and enjoy the view.

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    4. Keep and open mind

    People may have opinion and lifestyle that differs from yours. Don’t judge and listen with patience. You don’t have to agree but you will be surprised what you can learn by just listening to others. It’s arrogant to assume that your view are correct and better than others’.

    5. Have you heard of CouchSurfing?

    CouchSurfing is a community of travelers across the globe who share their spare room or couches with other travelers free of cost. One of the best ways to discover new places and meet new people is to try CouchSurfing. There are millions of CourchSurfers who are willing to host you and provide recommendations.

     6. Don’t be Afraid

    The world is not as dangerous as the media today wants you to perceive. Most people friendly. Most places are safe. Take calculated risks while traveling. You will see that normally everyone is friendly, trustworthy, generous and wiling to help you.

    7. Get Lost on Purpose

    Note down name of the hotel where you are staying. Pack a little bag and start walking on foot without knowing where exactly you are headed. This is one of the best way to explore where real people live and work. You will amazed with what you can learn by exploring the neighborhood this way.

    8. Backup your important stuff

    You never when you will get robbed or when you will accidentally loose your important things like your passport, laptop, ticket etc. So keep a digital backup of your photos and scanned copies of your important document on an external drive and also make a copy online. Always keep your emergency contact details written saperately on a paper.

    9. Never plan to cover more and more places

    Spend more time in once place and explore as much as you can. Never try to cover a dozen places in a week. You will end up being at so many places without exploring properly even a single one. Meet local people and get to know what’s special about that particular place.

    10. Make notes

    Always keep a notebook and a pen in your bag. Make notes of places, peoples and your feelings while you are traveling. This comes in so handy when you have to note down something or make a memory. Taking photos using your smartphone is one way, but writing it down takes it to a whole new level.

    11. Get out of your comfort zone

    Anxious about hiking? Go hiking. Not comfortable in talking to stranger? Talk to every stranger you meet. The more you do this, The more that anxiety will fade away. When everything is different and new about a place you are visiting, why not try something that you have never done before?

    Got some travel tips for our readers? Comment below.

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    Man Pays Back Pizza Shop 13 Years After He Stole From Them


    Man Pays Back Pizza Shop 13 Years After He Stole From Them

    We all make mistakes in life.

    Some of us get the opportunity to make up for the mistakes we did in the past. It takes a lot of courage and mental strength to accept your fault and ask for forgiveness.

    It’s always better to take advantage of the opportunity to make things right. This would make you feel better about yourself and would help you get rid of regret and guilt.

    A man back in 2002 bought Pizza for his hungry kids and paid using his check which he knew was going to bounce. He has no other option but to cheat the Pizza shop as he was broke and had no money to feed his kids.

    Before the Pizza shop owners could realize that the payment by the customer was declined, he was long gone.

    The story doesn’t end here.

    The Pizza shop received a letter nearly 13 years later in 2015 form the same customer. 

    The contents of the letter were shocking as well as overwhelming. This letter was written by the same customer apologizing for what he did 13 years ago. He mentioned that he knew the check was going to bounce but he had no other way to buy food for his kids.

    Below are the contents of the letter:

    Dear Sir,

    Back in 2002 I bounced a check at your pizza shop. I was going through a very difficult time financially and was at the end of my rope. I had no money and a hungry child at home, so I wrote a check that I knew would not be honored by my bank. I’m not making excuses for my behavior, just applying some context.

    I think of this often and am incredibly embarrassed and ashamed at my behavior. I have visited your store several times in the last few years and have always wanted to confess and ask you to forgive me, but I have not been able to summon up the courage, so I just eat my pizza and leave.

    I have worked hard and built up a solid business over the past decade and feel that it is my responsibility to remedy the situation. I hope there are no hard feelings.

    I’ve enclosed a money order for $54.39. I came to this amount by assuming the original order was $20 and then adding 8% interest compounded yearly for the last 13 years.

    Thank you.

    Its never too late to apologize!

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    ManPays Back Pizza Shop 13 Years After He Stole From Them

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    Ever Wonder How Google Knows About Live Traffic And Where There is A Traffic Jam?

    How Google Know About Live Traffic

    Almost a billion people use google maps every month. It’s one of the best navigation tool that comes for free. The ability to find local businesses and review help us all decides where we are going to our next meal.

    Google also reports live traffic data for free in Google maps when you enable the traffic layer. Google maps also report traffic incidents and construction zones in certain cities.

    But how Google knows about live traffic Jams and other traffic related real time incidents?

    Google collects data from different sources, which are:

    1. All android devices with a GPS send location data back to Google (Yes with your permission)
    2. On all other devices: You send your location and speed data back to Google when you use Google Maps for navigation.
    3. Waze (Another navigation app) also contributes to Google’s live traffic feed
    4. In many countries Google has agreement with monitoring companies to collect anonymous data
    5. Google has contracts with public traffic department (highway authorities etc) to receive their sensor data anonymously.

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    The result is live traffic situation in Jakarta, Indonesia:

    Jakarta Traffic Google Maps - How Google Knows About live Traffic


    Different colors on highways/road in Google Maps translate to:

    1. Green: There are no traffic delay
    2. Orange: There is a medium amour of traffic
    3. Red: Heavy traffic, expect delays
    4. Dark Red: Traffic is not moving at all

    How does google know what color to put on what road at any given time? The answer is simple. All mobile users who share their location and speed data with google help Google to figure out the average number of users on a specific road and how fast they are moving. The data is collected in a way that your personal identity is not revealed to Google or any third party.

    So one question that comes to mind is how does google still report a Green road (Traffic running smoothly) if there is no car at all travelling on that road?

    Google also collects data from different highway authorities and their sensors report data to Google and it is then reported in Google maps. Below is nice view of European highways:

    Europe Traffic Google Maps - How Google Knows About live Traffic

    Google also reports the time it would take you to travel from one location to another.

    Yankee to Meuseum - How Google Knows About live Traffic

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    Here the Blue line means the shortest route between these two points. Gray line is an alternate route which is 3 minutes slower.

    Yankee to Meuseum Trains - How Google Knows About live Traffic

    In most cities Google also give your information about how you can commute between two points using public transport such as trains, metros and Taxis etc.

    Yankee to Meuseum Taxi - How Google Knows About live Traffic

    Different options to hire a taxi between two points.

    Yankee to Meuseum  - How Google Knows About live Traffic

    Or you can choose to cycle 16 kilometers 🙂

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    This Would Make You Believe That Osama Bin Laden Died in 2001 in Tora Bora

    Osama Bin Laden died in 2001

    There have been many speculations and theories that raid on Osama Bin Laden’s apartment in 2011 was “One Big Lie”. The mainstream media released a fake photo of dead Osama Bin Laden which was later removed.

    Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi stated during a cabinet meeting “We have credible information that Bin Laden died some time ago of a disease, If the US military and intelligence apparatus have really arrested or killed Bin Laden, why don’t they show him [his body]? Why have they thrown his corpse into the sea?”

    “We believe that what the US is seeking, by dictated media programs, to overshadow the recent awakening in the region through the release of such reports.” Moslehi said that the raid in Abbottabad was a PR campaign to divert the attention of US citizens from fragile state of US economy.

    The alternative narrative is that Bin Laden died in 2001 due to lung complication that started as a result of kidney failure. The mainstream media covered and reported all these reports back then and below are few of those links:

    On March 25, 2000 – Chicago Tribune reported that Bin Laden is suffering from Kidney and Liver failure.

    Bin Laden Suffering from Kidney and Liver Failure

    CBS news also reported that Bin Laden is dying from of Kidney disease but this story has been removed from there website. An archived link can be found here:

    CBS: Bin Laden reported to be dying from Kidney failure

    South Asian Analysis Group reported on 2nd of July 2001 that Bin Laden is getting treatment in Pakistan after suffering from renal deficiency, “Bin Laden, who suffers from renal deficiency, has been periodically undergoing dialysis in a Peshawar military hospital with the knowledge and approval of the Inter-Services Intelligence, (ISI) if not of Gen. Pervez Musharraf himself.”

    Again this article is removed from the main website saag.org but an archived link can be found below:

    South Asian Analysis Group: Bin Laden getting treatment in Pakistan after Kidney Failure

    A former General Counsel for the CIA was interviewed and he mentioned that DEA found about treatment of Bin Laden in a hospital in Peshawar. DEA wanted to poison Bin Laden but the CIA allegedly rejected this due to the ban on assassinations

    Interview with Former General Counsel CIA: DAE wanted to poison Bin Laden

    In 2006 New York times reported that CIA has closed the unit focused on capturing Bin Laden.

    NYTimes: CIA shuts down the unit focused on finding Bin Laden

    The Guardian reports in July 2001 that CIA meet Bin Laden in Dubai where Saudi Intelligence official Prince Turki al Faisal also meet Bin Laden. Bin Laden was in dubai for treatment where he arrived with his personal doctor and four body guards.

    The Guardian: 1st of November, Bin Laden meets CIA and Saudi Intelligence official in Dubai

    Hamid Mir meet Osama Bin Laden somewhere in Kabul where Bin Laden claimed that he has nuclear weapons.

    Dawn: Hamid Mir meets Osama Bin Laden in November 2001

    New York times reports that Bin Laden is dead

    NYtimes: Bin Laden is dead, December 2001

    Fox News also reported on same day that various sources confirmed that Bin Laden is dead and some 30 close friends have attended his funeral in Tora Bora in Afganistan

    FoxNews: Report: Bin Laden Already Dead December 26, 2001

    Telegraph also reports that Bin Laden died due to Kidney disease and it was nearly impossible for him to escape US troops for treatment.

    Telegraph: US casts doubt on bin Laden’s latest message

    28 Dec 2001

    Some other links that point to Bin Laden’s death back in 2001 due to kidney disease:

    The Guardian: Kidney failure may already have killed Bin Laden 19 January 2002

    CNN: Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Bin Laden would need help if on dialysis January 21, 2002

    BBC: Tale of Bin Laden’s ‘lonely’ wife 13 March, 2002

    ABC News: Experts Examine Bin Laden Tape 20 May, 2002

    BBC: Bin Laden ‘probably’ dead 18 July, 2002

    CNN: Sources: No bodyguards, no bin Laden 30 July, 2002

    Time.com: A Letter From Osama bin Laden July 08, 2002

    NYTimes: The Death of bin Ladenism July 11, 2002

    World Tribune: Israeli intelligence: Bin Laden is dead, heir has been chosen October 16, 2002

    CNN: Karzai: bin Laden ‘probably’ dead October 7, 2002

    CNN: Magazine runs what it calls bin Laden’s will October 26, 2002

    Rumsfeld says no clues to bin laden since 2001 September 11, 2004

    Washington Post: Bin Laden Trail ‘Stone Cold’ September 10, 2006

    As of 2011, Bin Laden has been dead for about ten years

    Osama died in 2001: MSNBC hit piece unwittingly reveals corroboration for Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik’s assertion

    BBC: Al Qaeda Does Not Exist

    Bin Laden’s Obituary Notice

    Mainstream media reported multiple times that Bin Laden died because of Kidney disease in December 2001. It is very unlikely that he was kept alive to be killed at a later time. There has been no visual proof given by the CIA after US troops allegedly killed Bin Laden in Abbottabad.


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    23 Things That You Should NOT Do While Visiting USA

    About 75 million tourists visit USA each year. People come from different cultures and backgrounds. There are certain things that you should NEVER do while visiting USA, here are a few:

    What are the things you should not do in America?

    1. Don’t point your middle finger at anyone, this might get you killed. (Point your middle finger at someone tops the list of what NOT to do in USA!)

      1. Don't point your middle finger at anyone - 23 Things That You Should NOT Do While Visiting USA

    2. Don’t Yell Allahu Akbar in a crowded place, you really don’t want to know the outcome.

      2. Don't yell Allahu Akbar in a crowded place

    3. Never travel in your car without wearing a seat belt.

      3. Not wearting a seatbelt

    4. Never drink and drive, Police won’t let you play with that.

      4. Don't drink and drive

    5. Never Use you mobile phone while driving, no texting or talking over the phone.

      5. Don't text and drive

    6. Don’t Disrespect an american flag or say anything negative about the US troops, this will land you in some serious trouble.

      6. Don't disrespect american flag

    7. Don’t bring something that is legal in one state to another state where it’s illegal.

      7. Don't bring something that is legal to another state where its illegal

    8. Don’t get in someone’s personal space. Keep distance from people when you are talking to them.

      8. Don't get in someone's personal space

    9. Don’t stare at someone. Watching is fine but staring offends most.

      9. Don't stare

    10. Don’t park in handicap space. Unless you have the right to park there.

      10. Don't park in handicap space

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    11. Don’t try to get in the elevator unless everyone has stepped out.

      11. Don't step in the elevator before other get out

    12. Don’t walk on the left side. Always keep right.

      12. Walk on the right side

    13. What not to do when visiting America: Never ever cut in line. People hate that.

      13. Never cut in line

    14. Don’t joke about bombs and terrorists. It might be a normal joke back where you come from but people take it very seriously in America.

      14. Don't joke about bombs and terrorists
      Prank Tweet by a teenager
    15. Don’t discuss politics/religion with people you just meet.

      15. Don't discuss politics and religion

    16. Never reach for your pocket when you are stopped by a police officer. Keep calm and don’t get out of your car either.

      16. Stay in car when stopped by police

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    17. Don’t get in an argument with a police officer.

      17. Don't get in argument with police

    18. Don’t honk your horn unless you are in an immediate danger.

      18. Don't honk

    19. Don’t expect special treatment by displaying your status or wealth, everyone is treated equally in USA.

    20. Don’t forget to tip. The servers need tips to come close to a living wage.

      20. Don't forget to tip

    21. Don’t joke about obesity, It’s rude.

      21. Don't joke about obesity

    22. Don’t try to see the whole country in one trip, you can’t even come close to visiting all the states.

      22. Don't try to visit all us states, its huge

    23. Don’t be afraid to share you culture with Americans. Americans are busy and most don’t get the chance to travel outside America.

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    30 Amazing Camping Gadgets You Need For Your Next Camping Trip

    Must Having Camping Gadgets


    You would need a truck to carry them all at once so choose wisely what you need on each trip.

    You Must See: 23 Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    1. An inflatable solar light that will help you see through anything

    1. An inflatable solar light that will help you see through anything - Must Have Amazing Camping GadgetsBuy Here

    2. A squeezable water filtration system

    Buy Here

    3. A CamelBak purification water bottle

    Buy Here

    4. A headlamp that adjusts its brightness automatically to the environment

    Buy Here

    5. This tool kit that has everything you could ever need

    Buy Here

    6. A smokeless stove that generates electricity to charge your personal devices

    Buy Here

    7. “Earl,” a smart, solar-powered GPS that gives you real-time map data, weather, and an emergency radio

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    8. This compact stove that’s perfect for a solo trip

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    9. A USB and solar-powered device that charges headlamps, cameras, and electronics

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    10. This high-tech blade with a handle that doesn’t absorb water

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    11. A no-pump water filter that cleans your water for you

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    12. A waterproof lighter with a gas lock

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    13. This neon blue hammock for two

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    14. A portable sink that’s perfect for keeping dishes and clothes sanitary

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    15. A tent-pole seat that holds up to 250 pounds and weighs only 1.3 pounds

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    16. A compact spork-and-knife utensil set

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    17. Reflective badges that will keep your group together during night hikes

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    18. A survival tool kit that’s smaller than a credit card and will save you in emergency situations

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    19. A “Hoodlum” that will never leave your face cold ever again

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    20. The lightest, most insulated socks you will ever find

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    21. An all-in-one geoshield stove that allows for both upright and inverted fuel positions

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    22. Collapsible cooking pots that are lightweight and durable

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    23. A tarp poncho that will keep you waterproof indefinitely

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    24. A dry trash sack that prevents any leakage

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    25. An insulated hammock

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    26. This FireSteel that easily helps you start a fire

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    27. This two-person tent that comes with built-in LED lighting

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    28. This gear line that will organize all your essentials at night

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    29. An solar-powered inflatable, waterproof light that doubles as a pillow

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    30. A compact and light cookware set

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    Originally posted on Buzzfeed

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    Complete Guide to Becoming a Pilot and Flying Your Own Plane in Pakistan

    Become a pilot in pakistan

    Private Pilot License in Pakistan

    Owning and flying a plane yourself seems like a dream, especially in Pakistan. This article tries to cover the cost and procedure of securing a Private Pilot License – PPL(A) and estimated cost of importing different kind of private planes.

    Training cost to become a pilot, buying your own C-150 and the license fee would set back around 5 million rupees (50 Lacs). 

    The first thing you need to do is to enroll yourself in a flying club and get the required training. Once you have the required flying hours’ experience, you become eligible to secure a license which is issued by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

    Below are the steps to become a pilot:

    1. Attend a flying school and obtain the required flying hours’ experience
    2. Secure a license
    3. Starting flying a plane

    There are some basic requirements to get yourself enrolled in a flying Club. Every flying club strictly follows CAA guidelines to enroll a student. Below are few of those and detailed requirements can be found on respective flying club’s website.

    1. Medical fitness

    Medical fitness test is done to ensure that your physical and physiological health allows you to fly a plane. The test is conducted by authorized aviation medical examiner. The medical fitness requirements are designed by Civil Aviation Authority. Below are few of the tests conducted to ensure your medical fitness:

    • Chest X-ray
    • Eye test
    • Hearing test
    • Stress ECG
    • A few more that your flying school will explain
    1. Minimum age: 17 years
    2. Education: HSSC (A level) (F.Sc.)
    3. Clearance certificate from Local Police or Intelligence Bureau

    Once you fulfill these basic requirements, you then get admission in a flying school and go through a written examination before you can sit on pilot’s seat and start the training. Flying club will get you a Student Pilot License (SPL) during the course of training.

    Private pilot license in pakistan

    Written examination covers some basic subjects including Air Law, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight and Radio-telephony.

    These are some useful links to CAA website:

    CAA General Licensing procedure

    CAA Technical Training

    CAA Basic Flight Training

    CAA Licensing Fee Schedule

    Private Pilot Licensing Fee schedule (Peshawar Flying Club)

    Admission fees30,000/-
    Membership fees (8 months @ Rs.1000/ Per Month)8,000/-
    Insurance cover (July to June)5,000/-
    Books, maps, computer etc. (at actual)36,000/-
    Tuition fee (8 months)30,000/-
    Flying charges on C-150, 2 seater aircraft (40 Hours)560,000/-

    Once you have the 40 flying hours’ experience, you can secure a PPL(A) (Private Pilot License – Aero plane) from Civil Aviation Authority. The license cost of PPLA is 2500 Rupees.

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    Now that you have a PPL(A) license, you can fly a private plane. One of the most famous and reliable 2 seaters private plane is C-150 (Cessna 150)

    The plane was produced from 1958 – 1977 and a total of 23,949 planes were produced.

    Pakistan customs will charge you 15% of the price of Plane if you import it. C-150 would cost around 3.5 to 4 million in Pakistan including the Custom duty.

    Few Cessna 150 for sale can be found here.

    Some famous flying clubs in Pakistan:

    1 – Schon Air
    Quaid-e-Azam International Airport
    Schon Hangar
    General Aviation Airport
    Karachi – 75200
    Contact: +92 324 9211110

    2 – Lahore Flying Club
    Walton Airport, Lahore
    Contact: +92 300 4017171

    3 – Hybrid Aviation Flying Club Lahore
    Walton Airport, Lahore
    Contact: +92 321 4409848

    4 – Pakistan Aviators
    PO BOX 6300
    Lahore Airport, Lahore
    Contact: +92 42 36685592

    5 – Rawalpindi Flying Club
    Chaklala Airport
    PO Box 75, Islamabad/Rawalpindi
    Contact: +92 051 5591565

    6 – Multan Flying Club
    Multan Airport
    Contact: +92 61 6306612

    7 – Peshawar Flying Club
    PO Box No. 5, Peshawar
    Peshawar Airport, Peshawar Cantt.
    Contact: +92 332 9073466

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    Dead Sperm Whales Found With Stomach Full of Car Parts and Plastic

    Dead Sperm Whales in the photo below are a result of human disregard for Marine life. We throw millions of tons of garbage in sea every day and the results are very disturbing.

    Dead Sperm Whales Found in Germany
    Credit: Facebook

    Unfortunately 80% of the plastic that is discarded in the land ends up in the Oceans. The waste material is then consumed by Marine life. The results are devastating and saddening.

    29 Sperms whales were found stranded on the Shores of North Sea in January 2017. The water there is too shallow for such huge animals. Scientists were very disturbed and shocked to see what was inside their stomach.

    Dead Sperm Whales had stomachs full of plastic litter and other debris. One of the fish had a 13 meter long fishing net in its stomach. Another one had a 70 cm long plastic piece that is part of a car. (Source: Press release)

    This shows that humans do not respect and care about other species sharing this planet. Overabundance of plastic in the oceans has resulted in extinction of many species which is alarming.

    German minister of Environment states that:

    These findings show us the results of our plastic-oriented society. Animals inadvertently consume plastic and plastic waste, which causes them to suffer, and at worst, causes them to starve with full stomachs.

    Statement from Nicole Hodgkins (Whale and Dolphin Conservation):

    Although the large pieces will cause obvious problems and block the gut, we shouldn’t dismiss the smaller bits that could cause a more chronic problem for all species of cetacean – not just those who suction feed.

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    There have been many similar incidents in the past where different marine species were found dead with stomachs full of waste material. A young whale was found dead back in 2011 near Greek island of Mykonos. It’s four stomachs were dissected. There were nearly 100 plastic bags in it along with other pieces of debris.

    Sadly the plastic was not that killed the whale, death was caused by heart failure. Scientists believe that the young whale was in search of squids and swam to the shallow waters and could not support it own weight. The result was collapse of internal organ contributing to its death.

    A recent study which has mapped the total human impact on the seas for the first time has revealed that the picture is far worse than the scientists imagined. 40% of the world’s oceans have been heavily affected by human activities, including fishing, coastal development and pollution from shipping.

    This kind of sad incidents will continue to take place unless we learn to respect other species sharing this planet with us.


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    How Much Tax Pakistani Citizens Pay And Where Government Spends It?

    Rupees 20 million (2 Crore) were spent on special repair of Bathrooms in Prime Minister House and rupees 10 million (1 Crore) was spent on changing of carpets.

    Prime Minister house also spends around 10 million Rupees on Tea in one year. The daily expense of PM house is around 2.306 million rupees. (23 lacs every day).

    This money is actually hard earned money of common people of Pakistan.

    This money comes from the revenue collected by FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) primarily through taxes imposed on common people, and companies of Pakistan. Other ways of making money include interest, trading profit etc. but the most primary way of collecting revenue is tax collection. This is the money that government uses to finance its “activities”.

    75% of tax revenue is collected through indirect taxes and 25% through direct taxes in Pakistan. Indirect tax is collected on goods and services rather than on income or profits. While direct tax, such as income tax, which is collected on the income or profits of the person and companies.

    Different Kind of Taxes

    Direct and Indirect Tax Ratio in Pakistan

    Two basic type of taxes are direct and indirect taxes. Direct tax is imposed on individuals and the corporations on total money they make in a year. While indirect tax is imposed on every single person regardless of their income or profit.

    Rate of indirect tax in Pakistan is 60% as compared to 40% of direct tax. This is creating huge economic inequality in Pakistan.

    Below is the rate of gradual increase in indirect tax rate since 2006 provided by theglobaleconomy

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    Increase in indirect tax means that the poorer people are forced to pay more taxes as compared to rich people.

    Surprisingly the contribution of poorest 10% of population in Pakistan was 17% of their total income through indirect taxes which includes GST (General Sales Tax), Central Excise Duty (CED) and Customs Duty. The richest 10% contributed only 10% of their total income in the total indirect tax revenue.

    An example of indirect tax collection in Pakistan is through the electricity and telecommunication bills. If your electricity bill is 20000, you are paying 13000 for the cost of electricity used and remaining 7000 rupees are collected in terms of 14 different indirect taxes. That means a total of 35% tax is collected on electricity bills.

    If your landline telephone bill (PTCL) is 3000, the actual cost of the service is 2100 and remaining 900 is tax. Out of rupees 1000 used on your mobile phone, you pay 380 towards indirect taxes.

    The developing economies in the world keep their indirect taxes as low as possible and direct taxes as high as possible. This would make the richer person pay more taxes and the burden of taxes is reduced on poor people. A successful taxation system reduces the wealth gap between rich and the poor and ensures the distribution of income and wealth. The elite class of Pakistan has been given all the privileges so they pay less direct tax and the legislation makes the poor people pay more through indirect taxes.

    Direct taxes are collected on the income and profit of individuals and Corporations. Below is the table explaining the amount/percentage of tax that an individual should pay in Pakistan.

    Tax on Salaried Individuals

    Taxable income
    Tax Rate (%)
    Less than Rs.400,000
    Between Rs.400,000 and Rs.500,000
    2% of the amount exceeding Rs.400,000
    Between Rs.500,000 and Rs.750,000
    Rs.2,000 + 5% of the amount exceeding Rs.500,000
    Between Rs.750,000 and Rs.1,400,000
    Rs.14,500 + 10% of the amount exceeding Rs.750,000
    Between Rs.1,400,000 and Rs.1,500,000
    Rs.79,500 + 12.5% of the amount exceeding Rs.1,400,000
    Between Rs.1,500,000 and Rs.1,800,000
    Rs.92,000 + 15% of the amount exceeding Rs.1,500,000
    Between Rs.1,800,000 and Rs.2,500,000
    Rs.137,000 + 17.5% of the amount exceeding Rs.1,800,000
    Between Rs.2,500,000 and Rs.3,000,000
    Rs.259,500 + 20% of the amount exceeding Rs.2,500,000
    Between Rs.3,000,000 and Rs.3,500,000
    Rs.359,500 + 22.5% of the amount exceeding Rs.3,000,000
    Between Rs.3,500,000 and Rs.4,000,000
    Rs.472,000 + 25% of the amount exceeding Rs.3,500,000
    Between Rs.4,000,000 and Rs.7,000,000
    Rs.597,000 + 27.5% of the amount exceeding Rs.4,000,000
    More than Rs.7,000,000
    Rs.1,422,000 + 30% of the amount exceeding Rs.7,000,000

    Tax on Self-Employed Individuals

    Taxable income
    Tax Rate (%)
    Less than Rs.400,000
    Between Rs.400,000 and Rs.500,000
    7% of the amount exceeding Rs.400,000
    Between Rs.500,000 and Rs.750,000
    Rs.7,000 + 10% of the amount exceeding Rs.500,000
    Between Rs.750,000 and Rs.1,500,000
    Rs.32,000 + 15% of the amount exceeding Rs.750,000
    Between Rs.1,500,000 and Rs.2,500,000
    Rs.144,500 + 20% of the amount exceeding Rs.1,500,000
    Between Rs.2,500,000 and Rs.4,000,000
    Rs.344,500 + 25% of the amount exceeding Rs.2,500,000
    Between Rs.4,000,000 and Rs.6,000,000
    Rs.719,400 + 30% of the amount exceeding Rs.4,000,000
    More than Rs.6,000,000
    Rs.1,319,500 + 35% of the amount exceeding Rs.6,000,000

    Where the tax money is Spent?

    A budget estimates the income and expenditure of the Government. Each year Finance minister announces the budget in June.

    The estimated expenses of Government of Pakistan were rupees 4394 billion and the target for collection of taxes were rupees 3621 billion for fiscal year 2016-2017.

    • 860 billion rupees were allocated to defense.
    • 380 billion rupees were allocated to energy projects.
    • 79.5 billion rupees for higher education.
    • 188 billion rupees for construction of highways, road, bridges.
    • 78 billion rupees for railways (buying new coaches etc)
    • Rs. 842 million allocated to PM Secretariat.

    Rs. 599 million had been allocated for employees-related expenses, Rs. 229 million for their salary, Rs. 110 million for salary of officers, Rs. 370 million for allowances, Rs. 125 million for operating expenses, Rs. 75 million for grants, subsidies and written-off loans.

    • 2 Crore (20 million) on Special maintenance of Bathrooms in PM House (Source)
    • 1 Crore (10 million) on changing of carpets. (Source)
    • Rs 863 million allocated to The President House.

    Rs. 105 million has been earmarked for salary of staff, Rs. 82 million for salary of officers, Rs. 378 million for allowances, Rs. 142 million for operating expenses, Rs. 88 million for grants, subsidies and written-off loans, and Rs. 20 million for maintenance.

    Pakistan spends only 2.6 percent of its GDP on health, which is the lowest in South Asian countries with comparative spending of 7.4 percent in Afghanistan, 4.2 percent in India, 4 percent in Sri Lanka and 5.6 percent in China.

    Though the number of Pakistani Citizens paying direct tax is very small and people find ways to evade tax payment. But the government still collects billions of rupees from poor Pakistani people thought indirect tax. In return we expect to be provided with basic facilities like education, healthcare and security.

    What are your thoughts about the current tax collection system and its performance?

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    Anja Ringgren Loven and Hope – The Nigerian Boy Rescued One Year Ago Goes to School

    Anja Ringgren Loven and Hope – The Nigerian Boy Rescued One Year Ago Goes to School

    This photo of Anja Ringgren Loven and Hope shows that “it’s not important to see what man can do with hate. It’s all about seeing what you can do with love.”

    On 30th of January 2016, Anja Ringgren Loven, Danish national, was with her Husband in Nigeria on a mission. The mission was to rescue kids abandoned by their parents after being accused of being a Witch.

    Anja is co-founder of organization named ACAEDF (African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation). She found this little boy, who she named “Hope”, in a small village where he was left for dead by his parents. He was nothing more than flesh and bones at that time. Every year many children are tortured and even killed by their own parents once they believe the kid is a witch.

    Anja rescued the kid and shared his story on Facebook that went viral. She was trying to raise awareness about this serious problem. In Nigeria around 15,000 children were accused of Witchcraft in a decade (Survey conducted in 2009).

    Anja posted photo of Hope of the day she rescued him (Left) and his first day at school one year later (Right). This is how it looks:

    Anja Ringgren Loven and Hope


    Anja Poses with Hope

    Anja Poses with Hope
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook

    Hope on the day he was rescued

    Hope's rescue day
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook


    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook

    He is so adorable – no way he is a witch

    Hope posing
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook

    Anja and Hope – Faith in humanity is restored

    Anja and Hope posing
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook

    “As you can see Hope is growing with speed and he is such a handsome, healthy and very happy young boy because of the tremendous love and care he receives everyday from our staff and all our children,” Lovén said. “Where there is love there is hope.”

    Anja with Hope and other kids
    Photo Credit: Anja Ringgren Loven’s Facebook

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    This Famous Black Goth Chicken From Indonesia Is Winning The Internet

    This rare Black Goth Chicken from Indonesia called Ayam Cemani is all Black, inside and out, feathers and bones tough the color of its blood is normal. This breed originated from an Island in Indonesia named Java.

    The black color is caused by a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. The excess pigmentation of the tissues results in every organ turning black. Its beak, meat, bones even its tongue is black. The genetic condition is harmless and this process happens in embryo.

    This chicken is rarely found in the markets and is not eaten as food. Ayam Cemani has an elite status in society and it is thought one should offer Cemani chicken, as the ghost and spirits love Cemani chicken’s meat and blood. This would bring them wealth, reputation and power. Even today before starting a business or a huge project, a Javanese might sacrifice this Black Goth Chicken for good luck.

    Here are some cool pictures of Ayam Cemani aka Black Goth Chicken from Hell. Would you eat this chicken or make crazy scary stories about your pet chicken to scare everyone off.

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani Rooster

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani in Market

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani 3 hens

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani hens

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani black beak and tongue

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani Black eyes

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani leg piece

    Black Goth Chicken Ayam Cemani

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