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    This Famous Black Goth Chicken From Indonesia Is Winning The Internet

    This rare Black Goth Chicken from Indonesia called Ayam Cemani is all Black, inside and out, feathers and bones tough the color of its blood is normal. This breed originated from an Island in Indonesia named Java. The black color is caused by a genetic condition called fibromelanosis. The excess pigmentation of the tissues results in […]

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    10 Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry – WhatWhenWhy

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Piper Alpha platform explosion is considered one of the deadliest accident in Oil and Gas Industry in terms of lives lost. There have been many other accidents in this field causing loss of trillions of dollars and numerous deaths. The earliest known well was drilled back in 347 AD in China. The current status of […]

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    What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Rotating Suddenly? – WhatWhenWhy

    What would happen if earth stopped spinning

    What would happen if earth stopped rotating suddenly? The possibility of earth standing still all of a sudden is practically zero. Before we understand what would happen if earth stops rotating all of a sudden, let’s first see what’s happening on earth right now? Earth’s Distance from sun: 150 million kilometers Earth’s Orbital Speed around […]

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    Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit


    Pakistan is located on the face of earth at 30.3753° N, 69.3451° E. The country is blessed with natural beauty and tons of attraction for foreign and local tourists. It offers some of the tallest mountains in the world, deserts, lakes, many ancient cultural and heritage sites. Pakistan has a 1,046 km long coastline that hosts many […]