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    15 Crazy Donald Trump Quotes That Are Going to Make You Question His Sanity

    Read some Donald Trump quotes and sayings if you are feeling down. It won’t help you feel better but would make you question his sanity. Donald Trump tweets are also famous for being rude and full of hate.

    Born on 14th of June 1946, Donald Trump, 45th American President, came to international spotlight during his election campaign. He is famous for his outrageous comments and hate speech.

    On 8th of November 2016, more than 69.979 million Americans voted for Trump. His vote count was less than Hilliary Clinton’s but he got 304 electoral votes where Hilliary secured 227. This resulted in Mr. Trump becoming the 45th President of United States of America.

    Mr. Trump has also tweeted many stupid, rude and hateful things. Things that make you question his sanity. It also raises a question that why did anyone vote for him?

    His executive order to ban entry to the United States for everyone including green card holders from 7 Muslims countries has sparked anger and protests nationwide. His next four years in the White House are the most unpredictable and challenging years for former World Power a.k.a USA.

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    Below are 15 Crazy Donald Trump Quotes and tweets that are going to make you question his sanity and also his voter’s.

    1 – Donald Trump talking about his daughter Ivanka Trump.

    “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

    15 crazy donald trump quotes

    2 – He thinks Hilliary can’t satisfy her husband.

    “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

    Donald talking about hilliary

    Most evil Intelligence Agency of the World – CIA

    3 – Mr. Trump promised the nation to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

    “Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown for Muslims entering the United States”

    4 – Trump has a credible source to prove that Obama’s birth Certificate is fake.

    Obama's birth certificate is fake

    5 – Apparently women are crazy for Trump.

    6 – “I’ll build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall” – Donald J Trump.

    Trump wants to build a wall on mexican border

    7 – Russell Brand Vs Donald J. Trump

    Russel Brank vs Donald Trump

    8 – Racism and Donald go side by side – Donald Talking about Mexicans

    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bring crime. They’re rapists… And some, I assume, are good people.”

    9 – His views on Global warming. A very different and unique approach.

    “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”

    10 – He thinks women are objects and belong to him

    “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.”

    11 – Beating Global Terrorism is somehow connected to your ability of telling if the AC works or not!

    “The other candidates — they went in, they didn’t know the air conditioning didn’t work. They sweated like dogs…How are they gonna beat ISIS? I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

    12 – Piece of ass, this one is funny though.

    “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

    13 – Trump’s comment about the founder of Huffington Post.

    “Ariana Huffington is unattractive, both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”

    14 – Trump knows what he is. Self Awareness is key to success.

    “One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

    15 – Here comes another sick comment from his interview with shock jock Howard Stern.

    “You know who’s one of the great beauties of the world, according to everybody? And I helped create her. Ivanka. My daughter, Ivanka. She’s 6 feet tall, she’s got the best body. She made a lot money as a model—a tremendous amount”

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    15 Donald Trump GIFS That Are Definitely Going to Make You Laugh

    Donald Trump gifs are so popular on the Internet these days. His without nose gif is one the most famous on social media. In case you are not aware, Donald Trump is 45th President of the United States. He is a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Mr. Trump is famous for his facial expressions.

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    Having a bad day? Here are 15 trump gifs that are definitely going to make you laugh.

    1 – Trump’s gesture during a debate.

    Trump gestures during a debate. donald trump gifs

    2 – This Trump meme without nose is breaking the Internet

    Trump meme without internet donald trump gifs

    Credits: jeremiahwarren.com

    3 – What is this Joker trying to do here? He dons a hard hat and mimes digging coal.

    donald trump gifs

    4 – Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack

    donald trump gifs

    Trump asking if maybe Gold Star mother Ghazala Khan “wasn’t allowed” to speak while on stage with her husband at the Democratic National Convention.

    5 – Trump in Gangnam Style or something similar after winning the presidency

    donald trump gifs

    6 – Trump mocking Sen. Marco Rubio’s infamous State of the Union response in which he sipped bottled water

    donald trump gifs

    7 – Not sure what he is trying to do here

    donald trump gifs

    8 – Trump mocking Ben Carson

    donald trump gifs

    9 – Trump during a press conference

    donald trump gifs

    10 – Trump with nose during the first debate of general election

    During fist election donald trump gifs

    11 – Trump meets Trump and throws him away

    Trump meets trump gifs

    12 – Trump taping his dome during a press conference

    13 – Trump kissing the sign board “Women”

    donald trump gifs

    14 – How the hell this man became the president of the Unites States – Trump dancing on the stage

    15 – Trump and Jeb Bush sharing a low high when Trump won South Carolina’s GOP primary

    Do you have any interesting Trump’s gif? Please email us at admin[at]whatwhenwhy.net or post it in the comments.

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    15 Photos That Are Going to Make Every Welder Very Proud About Their Job

    photos going make every welder proud

    Welding was invented in 1800 and it has been a very important job since then. Planet earth won’t be complete without welders. Anyone can become a basic welder by taking a single course in welding but it takes a lot of practice and patience to be a welder and an artist at the same time. Welders have the opportunity to choose many different career paths as compared to other carriers. Welder are required in every industry e.g. Ship building and repair, pipeline inspection, Underwater welding and even in space.

    Skilled welders are always in high demand and have the opportunity to travel the world and see different cultures. Welders earn a salary equivalent to a doctor and a lawyer if the are really skilled and good at what they do.

    Even though a lot of welding now is done by robots but the future of welding will always be very bright and the opportunities are endless.

    15 Photos That Are Going to Make Every Welder Very Proud:

    1 – This welder was a very proud American before Donald Trump became president

    photos going make every welder proud

    2 – When customer doesn’t pay you on time, you leave a signature

    3 – Better than a real Turtle

    photos going make every welder proud

    4 – Underwater Welding is no joke

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    5 – A little fatigued welding joint resulted in a catastrophe, Killing 167 people aboard Piper Alpha – an accommodation platform for people working on an offshore drilling rig

    This shows how important a welder’s job is!

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

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    6 – Did you expect that pretty face behind the Helmet?

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    7 – Die-hard fan of Batman

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    8 – When art and Welding are put together in the perfect way possible

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    9 – I’m a dive master and a welder

    15 Photos That Are Going to Make Every Welder Very Proud

    10 – Job well done – Do you think there is any flaw in this job?

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    11 – You keep your desk job and I will keep my pair of balls

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    12 – Dedication and hard work result in a perfect weld

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

     13 – Flames and water go side by side for a Welder

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

     14 – Another masterpiece by David Madero

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    15 – Which tattoo do you want?

    Photos That Make Every Welder Proud

    Get your “WELDER” T-Shirt/Hoodie here – 10% Off

    Welder tshit ad

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    Top 23 Best Camping Sites in Pakistan You Need To Visit This Summer

    Pir Chanasi - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    Camping in Pakistan is a growing trend now. There are tons of camping sites in Pakistan. We made a detailed list of such beautiful camping places in Pakistan with name and location and what gear you need for camping.

    About 39% population of Pakistan is living in cities. City life offers improved quality of life. There are better education, health and transport facilities. The disadvantages include pollution, noise and overcrowding.

    Increased use of electronic devices and less exposure to natural light has a very bad impact on modern humans. Our sleep schedule is disturbed resulting in decreased performance and other psychological problems.

    A study has found that camping for just a week away from busy city life will reset your biological clock. Increased exposure to sunlight and waking up early will make you feel very fresh and relaxed.

    Sleeping in a tent is a very different from sleeping in your comfortable bed where you have access to everything you need. Don’t worry, you can go camping with style if you have right information and required gear. Below is list of camping gear that would make camping fun and addictive:

    Camping Gear:

    1 – Tent

    Coleman 4 person instant tent

    A good tent is one of the most important part of camping gear. Coleman 4-Person instant tent is my personal favorite. It can be setup in under 2 minutes. It can completely block wind and has good thermal protection. Tent is not completely water proof. A water proof tent fly is recommended if you are expecting rain or early morning dew.

    2 – Inflatable Mattress with Hand-pump

    This is not a must have item but would make you feel very comfortable at night as compared to sleeping on the ground. There are multiple brands available. Choose one that fits your requirements and budget.

    3 –  Sleeping Bag

    Coleman sleeping bag is my personal favorite. It can keep you comfortable for temperature as low as -1°C.

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    4 – Other Accessories

    I recommend carrying a Torch, Knife, 5 Volt Solar Panel, Multipurpose toolkit (Hammer, Screw drivers etc).

    5 – Portable Kitchen

    Grub Hub Portable camping Kitchen is one compact solution. Please don’t forget to comment any other solution or missing item for a good camping adventure.

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    There are countless famous camping sites in Pakistan where you all would love to go and spend couple of nights. Below is the list of Best Camping Sites in Pakistan. Feel free to add your personal favorite camping sites in the comments below.

    Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    Best Camping Sites in Azad Kashmir

    Pir Chanasi (Tops the list of camping sites near Islamabad)

    Pir Chanasi - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — Ibrahim Dar
    • Location: 30 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.
    • Coordinates: 34.387662, 73.559461
    • Elevation: 2752.4 m or 9030.3 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? There has been a new wide paved road built up till the Shrine on top of hill. Camping is possible next to the shrine but there are better isolated camping spots if you hike for 30 minutes towards the neighboring hill. Public transport from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad is available leaving almost every hour and would take around 4 hours. Take a Jeep or Bus ride from Muzaffarabad city to Pir Chanasi. Private cars including Suzuki Mehran can easily make it to the camping site.
    • Ideal Camping Time and accessibility: Snow starts melting in march end. The route is usually cleared by end of March. It’s still quite cold in the whole month of April to camp there, temperature can be freezing at night and early morning. Camping at Pir Chanasi is recommended starting from May till October. The ideal camping time is from June to September.


    Karen Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 57 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir.
    • Coordinates: 34.652120, 73.950186
    • Elevation: 1513.7 m or 4966.2 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road up till this camping site. Public transport from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad,  and then from Muzaffarabad to Keran. This site can be accessed by private cars including Suzuki Mehran.
    • Ideal Camping Time: May till September

    Upper Neelum

    Upper Neelum Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — Ibrahim Dar
    • Location: 5 Kilometers from Keran.
    • Coordinates: 34.665162, 73.945583
    • Elevation: 1805.8 m or 5924.4 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved Road up till Upper Neelum. Public transport is available up till Keran. Local Jeeps can be hired from Keran to reach Upper Neelum. Hiking is other option but not suitable with all the camping gear. All sorts of Private cars can easily make it to this camping spot.
    • Ideal Camping Time: May till September

    Ratti Gali Lake

    Ratti Gali Lake - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — Ibrahim Dar
    • Location: 18 kilometers from Dowarian which is 106 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and 22 kilometers from Athmuqam
    • Coordinates: 34.828645, 74.054914
    • Elevation: 3733.4 m or 12248.6 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road till Dowarian, 18 kilometers Offroad Jeep ride to Ratti Gali base Camp. 1 hour hike to Ratti Gali lake. Public transport is available up till Dowarian. Private jeep will cost you around 6000 PKR both ways to the base camp. Driving your 4WD to the base camp is possible but not recommended due to road condition.
    • Ideal Camping Time: Late June till August


    Sharda - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 136 kilometers from Muzaffarabad.
    • Coordinates: 34.795804, 74.188337
    • Elevation: 1873.3 m or 6146.0 feet
    • How to get here/Transport?  Public transport is available all the way to Sharda. All kind of private cars can easily make it to the camping site. The road is paved.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Travel to the US: This is what you should never do during your visit to the US

    Arang Kel

    Arang Kel Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — Ibrahim Dar
    • Location: 19 Kilometers from Sharda. Kel, Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir
    • Coordinates: 34.810318, 74.346130
    • Elevation: 2379.0 m or 7805.0 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved Road to Kel. 2 kilometers trek through forest OR take a chairlift from Kel to Arang Kel. Public transport is available to Kel from Muzaffarabad.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till August


    Taobut - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 200 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, 39 Kilometers from Kel.
    • Coordinates: 34.726803, 74.712702
    • Elevation: 2291.9 m or 7519.4 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Unpaved road from Kel to Taobut. 4WD is recomended. Sedans can’t make it to Taobut. Public transport is available till Kel. Hire a jeep from Kel or drive yourself if you are on a 4WD vehicle.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July till September

    Leepa Valley

    Leepa Valley - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 105 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad.
    • Coordinates: 34.295088, 73.891543
    • Elevation: 2012.1 m or 6601.3 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road till Sharian. Rent a jeep or drive on your own 4WD to reach Leepa Valley.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Ganga Choti – Ganga Hill

    Ganga Choti Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 93 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad
    • Coordinates: 34.074830, 73.787669
    • Elevation: 2995.2 m or 9826.9 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road till Shudan Gali. Three hours hike to the top. Public transport is available from Muzaffarabad and from Bagh. If you are on a private car then you have to park it somewhere before you start the hike.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July and August

    Banjosa Lake

    Banjosa Lake Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 20 kilometers from the city of Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir
    • Coordinates: 33.810438, 73.816604
    • Elevation: 1788.1 m or 5866.3 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road all the way to the Lake. Public transport is available to reach the lake from Rawalakot. All sorts of private cars can also make it to the camping site.
    • Ideal Camping Time: May till September

    Toli Pir

    Toli Pir Azad Kashmir - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 30 Kilometers from Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir
    • Coordinates: 33.893120, 73.906911
    • Elevation: 2530.2 m or 8301.1 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road to the top. Cars/Jeeps can be rented from Rawalakot. This spot is easily accessible by all kind of private cars.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Best Camping Sites in Northern Pakistan


    Shogran - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 34 Kilometers from Balakot, 234 Kilometers from Islamabad via Karakoram Highway
    • Coordinates: 34.640734, 73.458340
    • Elevation: 2300.5 m or 7547.6 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road up till Shogran. Easily accessible by all sorts of private cars.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Siri Paye

    Siri Paye - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: 8 Kilometers from Shogran
    • Coordinates: 34.610925, 73.482999
    • Elevation: 3024.1 m or 9921.5 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Almost 8 kilometers of unpaved road. It takes around 1 hour to reach this camping site from Shogran. Rent a jeep from Shogran and negotiate as much as you can.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July till September


    Lalazar - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: 20 Kilometers from Naran
    • Coordinates: 34.917611, 73.758490
    • Elevation: 3238.5 m or 10625.0 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road up till Naran. Rent a jeep from Naran and bargain as much as you can. Public transport is available from Islamabad to Naran. Few kilometers from main road to lalazar are unpaved and you need a 4WD vehicle to reach the top.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    These are the least visited countries in the world. A few names sound Alien.

    Saiful Maluk Lake

    Saiful Maluk Lake - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: 10 Kilometers from Naran
    • Coordinates: 34.881571, 73.692841
    • Elevation: 3231.9 m or 10603.4 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? 10 Kilometers of Unpaved road from Naran. Rent a jeep or drive on your own 4WD. Sedans can’t make it to the lake due to road condition.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Dudipatsar Lake

    Dudipatsar Lake - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: On the way from Naran to Babusar top, Dudipat lake is hiding in a valley east of a small town named Besal a few kilometers before Lulusar lake.
    • Coordinates: 35.021037, 74.086423
    • Elevation: 3901.9 m or 12801.7 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? 8 hour hike from a small Village named Besal. Horses can be rented to carry your camping gear. There is paved road till Besal. Park your car there if you are on your private transport. Jeeps/cars can be rented from Naran to reach Besal.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July till September

    Fairy Meadows

    Fairy Meadows - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: South of Raikot Bridge on Karakoram Highway 393 Kilometers from Islamabad via Naran Road
    • Coordinates: 35.380832, 74.577685
    • Elevation: 3321.2 m or 10896.5 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? 1 Hour offroad jeep ride from Raikot bridge followed by 3 hours of hiking to the Fairy Meadows. Public transport is available from Islamabad to get dropped at Raikot Bridge. The jeep ride would cost you 6000 PKR. Guides are also be hired for 3 hours hike.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July till September

    Beyal Camp (Nanga Barbat Base Bamp)

    Beyal Camp - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan

    • Location: Nanga parbat base camp which is 6 hours by foot from Fairy Meadows.
    • Coordinates: 35.350136, 74.577429
    • Elevation: 3551.1 m or 11650.7 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? 6 hours trek from Fairy Meadows. A guide is recommended for this trek to avoid getting lost.
    • Ideal Camping Time: July and August

    Rama Meadow (Astore Valley)

    Rama Meadows - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: 458 Kilometers from Islamabad via Naran road.
    • Coordinates: 35.357241, 74.806567
    • Elevation: 3166.1 m or 10387.5 feet
    • How to get here? Paved road all the way from Islamabad. Public transport is also available till Astore city. Jeeps can be hired to reach Rama Meadows.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Naltar Valley

    Naltar Valley - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: 40 Kilometers from Gilgat
    • Coordinates: 36.165270, 74.173176
    • Elevation: 2911.8 m or 9553.2 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Unpaved road. Hire a jeep from Gilgat to reach Naltar Valley and Naltar Lake. Public transport is available from Islamabad to Gilgat.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Karimabad, Hunza Valley

    Karimabad Hunza Valley - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: Karimabad, Hunza Valley 558 kilometers from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad – Naran – KKH
    • Coordinates: 36.325740, 74.689789
    • Elevation: 2782.3 m or 9128.4 feet
    • How to get here? Paved road. A few kilometers from Karimabad town. Public transport is available from Islamabad. This site can be reached by all kind of private cars.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September


    Skardu - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: 602 Kilometers from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad – Naran – KKH
    • Coordinates: 35.308566, 75.602543
    • Elevation: 2198.7 m or 7213.5 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Paved road all the way to Skardu city. Public transport is also available to the city. The camping site is located next to a fast flowing river. Follow GPS to camp here or choose a different spot that suits you.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September

    Deosai Plains – Shausar Lake

    Deosai Plains - Best Camping Sites in Pakistan
    — S. M. Bukhari
    • Location: One hour drive from Skardu city. Park is also accessible from Astore side.
    • Coordinates: 34.991296, 75.245597
    • Elevation: 4155.4 m or 13633.3 feet
    • How to get here/Transport? Public transport is available till Skardu. Rent a jeep from Skardu to reach Deosai Plans and choose a camping site. Deosai Plains can be reach from Astore side easily on by all kind of private cars. The road is paved from Astore site up till the boundary of Deosai National Park.
    • Ideal Camping Time: June till September


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    10 Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry – WhatWhenWhy

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Piper Alpha platform explosion is considered one of the deadliest accidents in Oil and Gas Industry in terms of lives lost. There have been many other accidents in Oil and Gas industry causing loss of trillions of dollars and numerous deaths.

    The earliest known well was drilled back in 347 AD in China. The current status of Petroleum industry has its roots in early 20th century. Invention of Internal Combustion Engine has a major impact on importance and demand of Petroleum products. Consumption of Oil and liquid fluids is estimated to be 96 million barrels every day.

    Extraction of Oil and Gas comes with many life threatening and environmental hazards. Every industrial disaster regardless of the cause played a role in improving safety technology and protocols. Major causes of accidents include Human error, Mechanical Failure and Mother nature. There have been many accidents in Oil and gas industry that have caused a huge impact on environment and reflected poorly on the industry.

    Following are 10 deadliest accidents in terms of loss of life in Oil and Gas Industry.

    10 Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    PlatformDeathsAccident Date
    1 – Piper Alpha Platform Accident1676th of July 1988
    2 – Alexander L. Kielland Drilling Rig Accident12327th of March 1980
    3 – Drillship Seacrest Accident913rd of November 1989
    4 – Ocean Ranger Rig Disaster8415th of February 1982
    5 – Glomar Java Sea Drillship Disaster8125th of October 1983
    6 – Bohai 2 Oil Rig Disaster8125th of November 1983
    7 – Enchova Central Platform Disaster4216th of August, 1984
    8 – Mumbai High North Disaster2227th of July 2005
    9 – Usumacinta Jack-up Disaster2223rd of October 2007
    10 – C.P. Baker Drilling Barge Disaster2130th June 1964

    10 – C.P. Baker Drilling Barge Disaster

    C.P. Baker Drilling Barge accident comes at number 10 is the list of Oil and Gas accidents. This Barge was deployed for drilling operations in Gulf of Mexico. It suffered a blowout. Water entered into the vessel through opened door of Main deck. Soon after the electric power was lost. Fire and explosion followed. 21 people were killed. 22 jumped from the main deck to save life. The vessel sank up side down after around 30 minutes. Rescue operations confirmed 8 people dead and 13 were missing presumed dead.

    Accident date: 30th of June 1964

    Deaths: 21 – 22 Injured

    Cause: Fire

    9 – Usumacinta Jack-up Disaster

    Usumacinta Jack-up Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Usumacinta was a Jack-up rig. It was positioned next to Kab-101 platform to complete the drilling of well Kab-103. Strong winds of 130 km/h and waves up to 8 meters in height caused the cantilever deck to hit production tree of Kab-103. The result was gas leakage that caused fire killing 22 people.

    Accident date: 23rd of October 2007

    Deaths: 22

    Cause: Fire

    8 – Mumbai High North Disaster

    Mumbai High North Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Mumbai High North was a production platform owned by Indian State owned Oil Company (ONGC). The platform caught fire after collision with a multipurpose support vessel. The vessel was pushed towards the platform and raptured platform’s gas exporting risers. The leaked gas was ignited and platform was set on fire also damaging the vessel. 22 people lost their lives.

    Accident date: 27th of July 2005

    Deaths: 22

    Cause: Fire after collision with a vessel

    7 – Enchova Central Platform Disaster

    Enchova Central Platform Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    The incident started due to a well blowout that caused the fire on platform. Most people aboard were evacuated by helicopters. 42 people lost their life during the evacuation procedure. They were being evacuated in a lifeboat when the lowering mechanism malfunctioned and eventually the lifeboat fell 20m deep into the sea after the supporting cables snapped.

    Accident date: 16th of August, 1984

    Deaths: 42

    Cause: Malfunctioning of lowering mechanism of lifeboat.

    6 – Bohai 2 Oil Rig Disaster

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry Bohai 2

    Bohai Number 2 Oil rig was built in 1969 by Mitsubishi and sold to China in 1973. It was one of the oldest rig owned by China. It sank on November 25, 1979 in Gulf of Bohai which is between China and Korea. The accident killed 72 people aboard. The accident was caused by strong winds while the rig was towed. A huge wave washed over the main deck breaking a ventilator pump resulting in a big puncture hole on the deck. Extensive flooding caused the rug to sink. The crew lacked proper training on emergency evacuation procedures and the use of lifesaving equipment.

    Accident date: 25th of November 1983

    Deaths: 81

    Cause: Strom, Untrained Crew

    5 – Glomar Java Sea Drillship Disaster

    Glomar-Java-Sea-Drillship Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Glomar Java Sea was a US drill ship that sank in South China sea on 25th of October 1983 due to tropical storm. The ship was owned by Global Marine Inc. Chinese search vessels spent a week before the wreckage was found under 300 feet of water. The 81 people aboard included 42 Americans, 34 Chinese, 4 Britons and an Australian. 31 bodies were recovered out of 36. 45 persons were missing and never found, eventually presumed dead.

    Accident date: 25th of October 1983

    Deaths: 81

    Cause: Strom

    4 – Ocean Ranger Rig Disaster

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry Ocean Ranger Rig

    Ocean Ranger was an offshore drilling rig. It was built in Japan and was owned by ODECO (Ocean Drilling and Exploration Company). This rig was designed to withstand winds up to 100 knots (190 km/h) and waves up to 110 feet in height.

    Ocean Ranger sank on 15th of February 1982. The last transmission from rig was on 1:30 AM local time. It sank due to flooding of chain lockers and upper decks resulting in loss of buoyancy. All 84 aboard were killed.

    Accident date: 15th of February 1982

    Deaths: 84

    Cause: Strom

    3 – Drillship Seacrest Accident

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Drillship Seacrest was a drill ship also known as The Scan Queen. It was built in Singapore and was owned by Unocal Corporation. The ship sank on 3rd of November 1989 killing 91 crew members while it was on a mission to drill a gas well. It capsized due to Typhoon Gay which also killed 529 people and leaving 160,000 homeless. Typhoon brought waves up to 40 feet in height and 100 knots in speed.

    The cause of the accident was criminal negligence of Ship’s superintendent. He ignored all storm warnings and continued to work. The ship was capsized and went unnoticed until next day when a helicopter found it floating upside down.

    There was a lawsuit against Unocal Corporation but the defending Associate company came up with all explanations that the ship was seaworthy hence the capsize was due to unforeseen circumstance.

    Accident date: 3rd of November 1989

    Deaths: 91

    Cause: Human Negligence and Mother nature.

    2 – Alexander L. Kielland Drilling Rig Accident

    Alexander L. Kielland - Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry

    Alexander L. Kielland was an offshore rig owned by Stavanger Drilling a Norwegian Company. This accident comes at 2nd place in oil and gas industry accidents. It was capsized on 27th March 1980 killing 123 people. The rig was used as living quarters for people working offshore. It had the capacity to accommodate 386 people. The rig was used as accommodation for people working on drilling platform attached to it.

    There were more than 200 men off duty present on the rig on 27th of March. There were strong winds gusting up to 40 knots (74km/h) and waves up to 12 meters in height. Some cracking and wire snapping noise was followed by rig titling at 30° and then stabilizing. Five out of six anchoring cables were snapped and the last one snapped shortly afterwards capsizing the rig.

    123 people were killed out of 212 aboard.

    Accident date: 27th of March 1980

    Deaths: 123

    Loss: US$3.4 billion (£1.7 billion)

    Cause: Fatigued crack in one of the bracings. It was traced back to improper labour where the rig was build in 1976.

    1 – Piper Alpha Platform Accident

    Deadliest Accidents in Oil And Gas Industry-Piper-Alpha

    Piper Alpha was the name of an Oil production platform in North Sea, United Kingdom. It is the worst accident in Oil and Gas industry in terms of deaths making it one of the deadliest accidents in Oil and Gas industry. The platform was operated by Occidental Petroleum. It’s production was 300,000 barrels/day. Cause of accident was human communication error. A vital safety valve was removed by the Morning shift crew from a Gas pump and the pump was not supposed to be started under any circumstances. 2nd shift manager could not locate the permit stating that pump should not be started and had to start the pump. This resulted in continuous explosions and eventually total destruction of the platform killing 167 men out of 226. Only 67 survived the accident. An insurance claim of US$1.4 billion was filed after the disaster.

    Accident date: 6th of July 1988

    Deaths: 167

    Loss: US$3.4 billion (£1.7 billion)

    Cause: Human Error

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    What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Rotating Suddenly? – WhatWhenWhy

    What would happen if earth stopped spinning

    What would happen if earth stopped rotating suddenly? The possibility of earth standing still all of a sudden is practically zero. Before we understand what would happen if earth stops rotating all of a sudden, let’s first see what’s happening on earth right now?

    Earth’s Distance from sun: 150 million kilometers

    Earth’s Orbital Speed around the sun: 108,000 kilometers/hour

    Earth’s mass: 5.972 × 10^24 kilograms

    Age: 4.543 billion years

    Density: 5.51 g/cm³

    Gravity: 9.807 m/s

    Earth’s rotation around it’s own axis: 1673.718 kilometers/hour at the equator. (Source)

    There are two things to be considered here:

    1. An object that is in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.
    2. Every thing on earth and in its atmosphere is also rotating with earth at the same speed which is 1673.718 km/h

    So as soon as the earth stops rotating suddenly, following thing would happen:

    1. Humans would suddenly fly towards east at 464.9216 m/s at the equator. The speed slows down as you move towards poles.
    2. There would be super mega tsunamis and eventually all the water would move towards poles flooding South and North pole as shown in the picture below. Bad news for Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, China, South America, New Zealand and obviously for Antarctica. This would create huge land mass around the equator.what would happen if earth stopped rotating
    3. Since the atmosphere is already moving, there would be wind storms speeding at 1670 km/h as the earth would come to a stand still.
    4. This high speed wind would cause erosion to the surface of earth.
    5. People in the planes would feel the effects a few second later when the gigantic storm would hit the plane destroying it and everything within it.
    6. The high speed winds would also cause fire on a global scale.
    7. Earth will loose its magnetic field so magma inside the earth’s core will erupt from every possible hole in earth’s surface. This would cause earthquakes.
    8. Earth will loose it electromagnetic field hence there will be no protection from the cosmic radiation from the sun.
    9. Half of the Earth would be constantly exposed to the Sun causing extremely high temperature and the other half would freeze.
    10. There would be no 24 hour day and night but 6 months long day and night.

    There are many articles detailing what would happen if earth stopped rotating suddenly, few of them are linked below: Source-1 Souce-2



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    Snorkeling in Lakes in Pakistan – Adventure Timeline and Details


    Snorkeling in Lakes in Pakistan

    Snorkeling in Lakes in Pakistan may seem a very alien topic for many reader from Pakistan but snorkeling a very mature and fun adventurous sport all over the world. Pakistan has a huge number of glacial lakes in the North. Most of these lakes are frozen in winters. It’s difficult to tell which one is more mesmerizing than the other. There is however a list of my personal favorite 5 lakes in the North that you can see here:

    Top 5 most beautiful Lakes in the North of Pakistan

    What is Snorkeling?

    Snorkeling (British and Commonwealth English spelling: Snorkelling) is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn.


    Lake diving is now a mature extreme sport and is popular in the west among many adventure lovers. The lakes in Pakistan however have not be explored in this way. There are very few records of anyone attempting to dive or snorkel in these lakes. Depth, lake bed and the knowledge about the aquatic life in these lakes hence remains a mystery. Every lake has a myth attached to it which adds fun for some tourists and a chill in the spine for others.

    I have been dreaming about snorkeling across these lakes since 2014. Work and financial situation was not in favor and I didn’t have enough data to form an educated opinion about the risks involved while doing this adventure. Next year (2017), when the summer arrives, I am planning to snorkel across these lakes in September with the minimum possible expense without compromising the safety.

    Technical Details

    The biggest challenge comes from very cold water. The glacial lakes are filled with melted ice and glaciers. Water temperature is freezing cold even in the peak summers – less than 5 °C. Dipping your body in such cold water even for few minutes results in hypothermia. Hypothermia is a serious medical condition when your body temperature goes below 35 °C (37 °C is normal). This could result in vital organ failure and eventually death if left untreated.

    The solution is to keep you body warm and dry. A good quality dry suit with proper insulation is the answer.

    Dry Suit/Swimwear – Keeping the body warm and dry

    There are many dry suits available in the market ranging from $500 – $5000. Different quality, material and brand defines the price of the suit. One important thing here is to note that Dry Suit DOES NOT keep you warm, it only keep the water out. Proper inner-wear aka swimwear should be worn that keeps your body warm. The cheapest combination of Dry suit and inner-wear I found so far costs $1500 ($1000 for the suit and $500 for the inner-wear).

    Depth measurement and record keeping

    Second challenge is to measure and record the depth. Measurement is easy. The challenge is to keep an electronic time and location based record of the data. There are industrial solutions that keep historical record of depth and sense the depth at user specified time intervals but such sensors are expensive.

    The cheapest solution I found is to buy a water proof fish finder and the SONAR (less than $100). Hook a water proof camera in front of the screen display and it should do the job. Fish finders measure the water depth, temperature and presence of any fish. The screen also reports the lake bed features.


    Recording the video

    Third major challenge is recording the video. I am planning to take 3 underwater cameras with me. One camera will be hooked up with the fish finder. Second one with my face mask recording whatever I’m seeing and 3rd camera in my hand that I can point anywhere if I wish to record something interesting. GoPro is one solution which is expensive because I need three cameras. There are alternate cheap solution that cost less than half of what the GoPro would cost without any significant compromise on the video quality.

    Other Equipment

    Waterproof gloves, hoodie, warm socks, water proof boots, fins and face mask with snorkel is required.

    Total Cost

    Total cost of this adventure is projected to be between $1700 – $2000. I’m trying to minimize it as much as I can.


    The ideal time seems to be the month of September, 2017 when the temperature is maximum. Any suggestion regarding a better time? feel free to comment below.

    Saif-ul-Malook Lake

    This lake is going to be the first in the serious of lakes I would like to snorkel across this summer. It has many myths surrounding its depth. I am planning to start from the south bank which makes it easy to swim with the flow minimizing my physical effort. Approximate swim distance is around 850 meters.

    Saif-ul-Malook late

    Dudipat Lake

    Dudipat lake is second on the list. I am expecting very clear water with high visibility in this lake. I will be camping there for a night and hope for a sunny warm day when I attempt to swim some 650 meter across the lake. The plan is to walk to the east bank and swim with the flow but I have never been to this lake before so I am not sure if the North-east bank is flat enough to allow crossing by foot. This is something I have to decide once I’m on the site.


    Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar lake, though not very appealing yet is on the way to Gilgat so I am planning to cross this lake as well in the same trip. I expect low visibility and surprising depth.


    Sheosar Lake

    This lake is at an altitude of 4000+ meters. Clear water with high visibility is expected. I personally believe, based on my experience, that this is going to be one of the deepest lake due to the flat surroundings. It is also going to be the most challenging lake to swim across. Swim distance is around 1.25 kilometers from east to west bank.


    Ratti Gali Lake

    One of my favorite lake. Clear water and surrounded by steep hills. Good visibility is expected. This lake has a unique challenge that there is no way to walk across the east bank. The only approach is from the west and I have to swim from west to east around 660 meters and then back to west another 660 meters. This lake has many myths and locals always stop you from camping near the lake.


    I request all readers to please leave a comment and suggest any possible way to make this adventure more fun and safe.

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    Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit


    Pakistan is located on the face of earth at 30.3753° N, 69.3451° E. The country is blessed with natural beauty and tons of attraction for foreign and local tourists. It offers some of the tallest mountains in the world, deserts, lakes, many ancient cultural and heritage sites. Pakistan has a 1,046 km long coastline that hosts many unexplored beaches.

    Though the country has a bad reputation in the international community due to its security situation but the ground reality is very different. Pakistani people are one of the most humble and hospitable hosts in the world. The country has one of the toughest visa policy. International tourists often face difficulty in arranging required paper work to secure a tourist visa. This link details the visa requirements based on nationality.

    There are number of lakes in Pakistan but this articles covers some of the best lakes that a tourist must visit in Northern Pakistan.

    5. Sail-ul-Maluk Lake (lake saiful maluk)

    Saiful Maluk Lake

    Location: Mansehra District, Kaghan Valley, Near the Town of Naran, KPK, Northern Pakistan

    Coordinates: Google Mapslink

    Altitude: 10,577 feet – 3224 meters

    Accessibility: The road to the lake is not fully paved (Total distance is approximately 9 kilometers from Naran). Jeeps can be hired from the town of Naran. Some tourists hike instead of renting a jeep.

    Depth: No official survey has been conducted but a dive team reported the maximum depth not exceeding 60 feet. Don’t believe any story the local folks tell you about the lake depth.

    Best time to visit: July till September

    4. Sheosar Lake

    Sheosar Lake - lakes in pakistan

    Location: Deosai National Park, Gilgat Baltistan,Northern Pakistan

    Coordinates: Google Maps link

    Altitude: 13,589 feet – 4142 meters

    AccessibilityThere are two routes to the lake. The road form the Astore side is almost paved till the lake. One can reach the lake on any car including 0.8 Liter Suzuki Mehran. The other route is from Skadu city. The road is not friendly for Sedans. SUVs with 4WD are recommended.

    Depth: Average 40 meters (130 feet)

    Best time to visit: July till September

    3. Lulusar Lake

    Lulusar-Lake - lakes in pakistan

    Location: 48 kilometers from Naran towards Babusar. KPK province, Northern Pakistan

    Coordinates: Google Maps link

    Altitude: 11,188 feet – 3410 meters

    AccessibilityPaved road, accessible by any car. 288 kilometers from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad. Travel time: Approximately 8 hours.

    Depth: Unknown

    Best time to visit: July till September

    2. Dudipat Lake

    Dudipatsar Lake

    Location: East of Besal, KPK province, Northern Pakistan

    Coordinates: Google Maps link

    Altitude: 12,467 feet – 3800 meters

    AccessibilityPaved road till Besal. You need to park your car there. The lake is approximately 15 kilometers from Besal and the only way to reach there is by hiking. Depending on your fitness level, this can be done is less than 10 hours. Other options include renting a horse.

    Depth: Unknown

    Best time to visit: July till September

    1. Rattigali Lake

    RattiGali Lake - lakes in pakistan

    Location: Near Dowarian, Distract Neelam, Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan

    Coordinates: Google Maps link

    Altitude: 12,130 feet – 3698 meters

    AccessibilityPaved road till Dowarian. 2.5 hours jeep trek. 1 hour hike to the lake from the base camp.

    Depth: Unknown

    Best time to visit: July till September


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    Top 10 US Cities With Most Homeless People – WhatWhenWhy?

    US Cities With Most Homeless People

    Get ready to be surprised to know many developed US cities with most homeless people. Homelessness is a very serious social issue in the United States. Around half a million people are homeless today in USA and won’t have a roof on top of their head when they sleep at night.

    Homelessness is a problem in town of all sizes but bigger cities have a higher number of homeless people. A survey in conducted every year in January by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The count includes people sleeping in streets, under the bridges, in their cars and temporary shelters. It doesn’t include people who are sleeping over at their friends’ or at relatives’. It also doesn’t include people sleeping in motels and hotels. So this figure is an approximation. Let’s find out which US cities with most homeless people.

    Total number of homeless people in USA as of January 2016 were 550,000.

    Top cities with homeless people:

    10 – Philadelphia

    Philadelphia homeless

    Total Population: 1.553 million (2013)

    Homeless people: 6,112

    Estimated median household income: $36,836

    9 – Las Vegas

    Las Vegas homeless

    Total Population: 603,488 (2013)

    Homeless people: 6,208

    Estimated median household income: $49,289

    8 – Boston

    Boston homeless

    Total Population: 645,966 (2013)

    Homeless people: 6,240

    Estimated median household income: $53,583

    7 – San Jose

    San Jose homeless

    Total Population: 998,537 (2013)

    Homeless people: 6,524

    Estimated median household income: $80,977

    6 – San Francisco

    San Francisco homeless

    Total Population: 837,442 (2013)

    Homeless people: 6,996

    Estimated median household income: $77,485

    5 – District of Colombia

    District of Colombia

    Total Population: 658,893 (2014)

    Homeless people: 8,350

    Estimated median household income: $67,572

    4 – San Diego City

    San Diego City homeless

    Total Population: 1.356 million (2013)

    Homeless people: 8,669

    Estimated median household income: $63,456

    3 – Seattle

    Seattle homeless

    Total Population: 652,405 (2013)

    Homeless people: 10,730

    Estimated median household income: $70,172

    2 – Los Angeles City

    Los Angeles City homeless

    Total Population: 3.884 million (2013)

    Homeless people: 43,853

    Estimated median household income: $48,466

    1 – New York City

    New York City homeless

    Total Population: 8.406 million (2013)

    Homeless people: 73,523

    Estimated median household income: $52,223

    San Francisco is going through a serious homelessness crisis and it was one of the top searched keyword recently in google search. On December 7, 2016, over 70 news organizations — including the Google News Lab — in San Francisco and the Bay Area coordinated to report the issue of homelessness.

    Sources: Forbes, Citydata



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    What Makes Us Happy? – Top 7 Tips You Should Try – WhatWhenWhy

    What makes us happy

    What is happiness and what makes us happy? How to find happiness in life? How to find happiness within yourself? These are the questions that you are going to ask yourself at some stage in your life. Being happy is a feeling. It can only be felt if you have something to compare it with, like being sad or upset. Deep down, all humans are born with same nature so there are few common things that make us all happy irrespective of our cultural, social and religious differences.

    1. Make someone happy – Help others

    Whenever you have this question in your  mind “What makes us happy”, help someone without expecting anything back; you would probably have the answer. Share happiness to be happy. Make someone else smile everyday and you will see how much difference it has on your own happiness. Help someone even if you are unhappy. It is going to feel amazing. Share your meal with a homeless person, talk to a stranger everyday and listen to the story of their life.

    Make someone else happy

    2. Spend some time alone

    Human are today connected with each other like never before. Email, messages, phone calls, social media – we spend a lot of time connecting with other people everyday and forget to connect with ourselves. Spend some time alone. It allows you to reassess where you want to be in life and where you are headed.

    Spend alone time

    3. Do what you love

    One of the best way to be happy is always do what you love. Walk alone, paint, watch a movie, dace, sing, hang out with friends, do whatever makes you happy.

    Doing things you love

    4. Get a good sleep

    Good sleep and happiness has a very deep relationship. It has been proved through research that people getting enough sleep per day are happier and healthier than those who don’t sleep enough. An adult needs 8 hours of sleep every night. It reflects in greater performance and improved immune system.

    Sleeping well

    5. Food

    Everyone love eating good food. Full tummy makes everyone happy and all the work we do everyday is to feed our tummy and have a shelter above our head. So eat healthy to stay healthy and happy.

    Eat healthy

    6. Exercise

    Keep your body fit to be happy. A healthy body and mind can generate positive thoughts. Hit the gym or just walk a few miles everyday. Physical activity has a deep connection with your mood and you will feel the difference in your sleep pattern, learning ability and memory.

    Jogging and happiness

    7. Travel – Solo or with friends

    Plan a holiday, either alone or with your friends. Go to places you have never been before and enjoy  as much as you can. If you can’t go for a vacation, at least plan one. There is a research proving that planning a holiday makes you feel more happy than actually being on a holiday, so do it as frequently as you can.


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    Why Do Some People Have a Tiny Hole Outside Ear? – WhatWhenWhy

    Have you ever seen a person with a tiny hole outside ear where face and cartilage meet? This hole can be located anywhere adjust to the external ear. It’s known by the name Preauricular pit, congenital preauricular fistula or ear pit.

    This is not something serious and a total of 0.3% to 0.5% population is born with this condition. This malformation occurs due to faulty fusion during the development phase of the ear. It happens when the child is in the womb so it’s a congenital condition present from the birth.

    This condition alone is harmless but can cause infection. it is also linked with permanent hearing impairment among kids. The prevalence of  hearing impairment among kids with ear pits is higher than kids without ear pits. The ratio is 8 in 1000 to 1.5 in 1000. Other abnormalities include narrow ear canal, small size and asymmetry.

    The ear pit is lined with skin cells and is prone to infection and getting blocked. An infected ear pit has symptoms of redness, itching, pain, swelling and leaking puss.

    An evolutionary biologists has suggests that these ear pits could be evolutionary remnants of fish gills. This is currently a theory and has not been scientifically prove.

    Let us know if any of you are born with ear pits?

    References: Business Insider

    tiny hole outside ear

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