These Travel Tips and Tricks Are Going To Make Your Next Trip The Best Trip

These travel tips and tricks are based on feedback and experience of many experienced travelers across the globe.

Travelling is fun but sometimes things don’t go the way you want. Some of the mishaps can be avoided and some are part of the journey. These travel hacks are a few that you should try next time you are travelling.

1. Be Patient

Don’t get annoyed or anxious when something unexpected happens. Life is too short to be angry and upset. Remind yourself that it could have be worse. Did you miss your bus? No worries, there will be another one. Out of money? Hitchhike to the next town diving into the wilderness.

2. Wake up Early

Get out of bed as soon as you can. Less crowd and a few extra hours to explore your surroundings are the top perks of waking up early. Hardworking locals wake up early so go out and interact with new people.

3. Take lots of Photos

The saying goes like this – “Take lots of pictures, you’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take”. You may only meet these people and see these places once in your life so take as many photos as you can. Photos won’t take up space in your luggage and won’t cost you any money. Remember to take your shot then leave your camera and enjoy the view.

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4. Keep and open mind

People may have opinion and lifestyle that differs from yours. Don’t judge and listen with patience. You don’t have to agree but you will be surprised what you can learn by just listening to others. It’s arrogant to assume that your view are correct and better than others’.

5. Have you heard of CouchSurfing?

CouchSurfing is a community of travelers across the globe who share their spare room or couches with other travelers free of cost. One of the best ways to discover new places and meet new people is to try CouchSurfing. There are millions of CourchSurfers who are willing to host you and provide recommendations.

 6. Don’t be Afraid

The world is not as dangerous as the media today wants you to perceive. Most people friendly. Most places are safe. Take calculated risks while traveling. You will see that normally everyone is friendly, trustworthy, generous and wiling to help you.

7. Get Lost on Purpose

Note down name of the hotel where you are staying. Pack a little bag and start walking on foot without knowing where exactly you are headed. This is one of the best way to explore where real people live and work. You will amazed with what you can learn by exploring the neighborhood this way.

8. Backup your important stuff

You never when you will get robbed or when you will accidentally loose your important things like your passport, laptop, ticket etc. So keep a digital backup of your photos and scanned copies of your important document on an external drive and also make a copy online. Always keep your emergency contact details written saperately on a paper.

9. Never plan to cover more and more places

Spend more time in once place and explore as much as you can. Never try to cover a dozen places in a week. You will end up being at so many places without exploring properly even a single one. Meet local people and get to know what’s special about that particular place.

10. Make notes

Always keep a notebook and a pen in your bag. Make notes of places, peoples and your feelings while you are traveling. This comes in so handy when you have to note down something or make a memory. Taking photos using your smartphone is one way, but writing it down takes it to a whole new level.

11. Get out of your comfort zone

Anxious about hiking? Go hiking. Not comfortable in talking to stranger? Talk to every stranger you meet. The more you do this, The more that anxiety will fade away. When everything is different and new about a place you are visiting, why not try something that you have never done before?

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