15 Donald Trump GIFS That Are Definitely Going to Make You Laugh

Donald Trump gifs are so popular on the Internet these days. His without nose gif is one the most famous on social media. In case you are not aware, Donald Trump is 45th President of the United States. He is a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $3.7 billion. Mr. Trump is famous for his facial expressions.

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Having a bad day? Here are 15 trump gifs that are definitely going to make you laugh.

1 – Trump’s gesture during a debate.

Trump gestures during a debate. donald trump gifs

2 – This Trump meme without nose is breaking the Internet

Trump meme without internet donald trump gifs

Credits: jeremiahwarren.com

3 – What is this Joker trying to do here? He dons a hard hat and mimes digging coal.

donald trump gifs

4 – Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack

donald trump gifs

Trump asking if maybe Gold Star mother Ghazala Khan “wasn’t allowed” to speak while on stage with her husband at the Democratic National Convention.

5 – Trump in Gangnam Style or something similar after winning the presidency

donald trump gifs

6 – Trump mocking Sen. Marco Rubio’s infamous State of the Union response in which he sipped bottled water

donald trump gifs

7 – Not sure what he is trying to do here

donald trump gifs

8 – Trump mocking Ben Carson

donald trump gifs

9 – Trump during a press conference

donald trump gifs

10 – Trump with nose during the first debate of general election

During fist election donald trump gifs

11 – Trump meets Trump and throws him away

Trump meets trump gifs

12 – Trump taping his dome during a press conference

13 – Trump kissing the sign board “Women”

donald trump gifs

14 – How the hell this man became the president of the Unites States – Trump dancing on the stage

15 – Trump and Jeb Bush sharing a low high when Trump won South Carolina’s GOP primary

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