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    Underwater Welding: One of the Most Dangerous Occupations in the World

    Underwater welding is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet, though perhaps not for the reasons you may think.

    Underwater welding is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

    Underwater, the odds are stacked against you. The pressure threatens to crush the body. Clouds of bubbles making any task difficult to perform by blocking visuals. Despite the dangers, thousands take on the responsibility of installing underwater structures. Underwater welders are responsible for repairing pipelines, offshore oil drilling rigs, ships, dams, locks, sub-sea habitats and nuclear power facilities, to name a few.

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    How to weld underwater

    Binding two pieces of metal underwater involves a lot of consideration towards safety. There are a few ways welders approach the task. In most cases, and most ideally, a dry chamber system is used. Temporary hyperbaric chambers are used to prevent water from entering the work area. The chambers house up to three welders at a time.

    Fans controlled by a ground crew consistently exchange exhausted air and replace it with new air. The cabins are pressurized to minimize the effects of pressure sickness. More on that below.

    Alternately, there is wet welding, a practice used mostly as a last resort. The method which is chosen depends on the ease of access to the area and the level of severity. Wet welds run the extra chance of cooling down too quickly by the water, increasing the chance of cracking.

    Wet welding is an emergency or temporary thing,” explains underwater welder Jeff Peters.
    The job requires working in daunting environments deep underwater with minimal visibility. Underwater welder Peters warns “The places you’re working are very dark and very cold.”

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    If you want to start an underwater welding career, you are required a certification and proper training from AWS – American Welding Society (or an appropriate body depending on a country where you’re living). Luckily, there are lots of commercial diving schools that can help you out. You can easily find an online school with specialized courses.  If you pass testing after the program, you will be able to perform marine repair and construction. 

    Underwater Welding: One of the Most Dangerous Occupations in the World
    Source: Divers Institute of Technology

    How does it work?

    Using electricity underwater seems incredibly dangerous, which it is, but not necessarily from the electricity. Most underwater welding is performed using stick welding which uses an electric arc as the source of energy.

    When wet welding, a thick layer of bubbles are created as the flux on the outside of the rod evaporates. The gas layer serves to shield the weld from water and other oxidizing compounds.

    How dangerous is underwater welding?

    Of course, as expected, underwater welding is an incredibly dangerous field of work. Though many water flow hazards impede diving operations, some of the largest dangers to underwater welders may be surprising.

    One of the most dangerous hazards to divers are known as “Delta P” hazards (ΔP). Delta P, or differential pressure, presents a unique and potentially fatal hazard to divers. The differential pressures occur when two bodies of water intersect, each with a different water level, such as the water levels at a dam.

    The difference in depth creates a pressure difference as water attempts to rush from one body to the next with great force. Furthermore, Delta P’s are nearly undetectable until it is too late to escape The pressure difference can accumulate to hundreds of pounds per square inch making them tough to escape. Consequently, a diver who becomes trapped in the bottleneck of the flow has an incredibly high risk of drowning.

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    Proper preparations and practices need to be considered before a project is to be executed safely. Experience, technical skills, and physical strength are additional requirements you need in order to dive. If the safety procedures are not stringently enforced, fatal accidents are likely to occur.

    “If a  diver is using a scuba tank, has no support staff or communications equipment and is not tethered to the surface—the opposite of the typical scenario involving certified commercial divers—commercial diver could run out of air while trapped, or hypothermia could set in.”

    The future of underwater welding

    Underwater welding is one of the most difficult jobs on the planet and in the water.

    Though with advancing technologies in robotic capabilities, advancements are being made to protect underwater welders. Despite what the future may hold, today underwater welders help maintain the most integral components of many industries around the world. Until highly advanced robots can perform the intricate tasks with the dexterity of a human, underwater divers will continue to be a necessity for companies all around the world. It is a physically and mentally challenging job, though for what it creates in stress, it makes up for in the pride of maintaining the technologies in which the world relies on today.

    Is Underwater welding worth it?

     While it’s not one of the best careers in terms of working conditions and requirements, it is a great job for those who wish to make a high salary in a short amount of time.

    This article was originally posted here by Maverick Baker

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    Best Bungee Jump Sites in the World – Face your Fear of Height

    Best Bungee Jump sites in the world

    Best Bungee Jump Sites in the World

    Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissipated.

    Following list includes the highest bungee jumping is the world.

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    233 meters: Macau Tower, Macau, China

    Jump Location: From a tower

    Cost: $438 Standard Jump

    Book here: https://www.ajhackett.com/macau/book-now/

    Macau Tower Bungee Jump 233 meters - 450 USD

    220 meters: Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland

    Jump Location: Dam site

    Cost: $198 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://booking.trekking.ch/index.php/en/

    Bungee Jump in Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland 220 meters - 198 USD

    216 meters: Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $70 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://www.faceadrenalin.com/store/bloukrans-bungy/

    Bungee jump in Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa 216 meters - 70 USD

    206 meters: Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $350 Standard Jump

    Book here: No online booking option

    Bungee jump in Rio Grande Bridge, Taos, New Mexico 206 meters - 350 USD

    192 meters: Europabrücke Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $187 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://www.europabruecke.at/en/product/192m-europabridge#booking

    Bungee Jump in Europabrücke Bridge, Innsbruck, Austria 192 meters - 187 USD

    190 meters: Niouc Bridge, Val d’Anniviers, Switzerland

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $212 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://bungyniouc.vouchercart.com/2153/bungy-jumping-voucher

    Bungee Jump in Niouc Bridge, Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland 190 meters - 212 USD

    175 meters: Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $118 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://www.bungy.it/contact/

    Bungee jump in Altopiano di Asiago, Vicenza, Italy 175 meters

    A list of the least visited countries in the World

    169 meters: Kolnbrein Dam (Kölnbreinsperre), Carinthia, Austria

    Jump Location: Crane (Dam site)

    Cost: $175 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://www.europabruecke.at/en/product/165m-koelbrein#booking

    160 meters: The Last Resort, Bhote Kosi River, Nepal

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $85 (Standard Jump)

    Book here: https://www.thelastresort.com.np/product-category/activities/bungy-jump-nepal/

    152 meters: Ponte Colossus (Veglio-Pistolesa Bridge), Biella, Italy

    Jump Location: From Bridge

    Cost: $118

    Book here: http://booking.bungee.it/

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    Russian Cannibal Couple were Arrested for Killing & Eating more than 30 People

    Russian cannibal couple broke the internet a few days ago making some interesting headlines, a few of them are:

    • Cannibal couple made human meat PIES and supplied them to local restaurants after luring female victims on Russian dating sites.

    • Russian cannibal couple, who ‘murdered, ate, canned’ humans, detained

    • Russian ‘cannibal couple’ suspected of killing up to 30 and posing with body parts

    • BUTCHER HOUSE – Inside the Russian ‘cannibal family’s house of horrors’ where they ‘killed and ATE 30 people lured from dating sites’

    • Russian Cannibal Couple Admits To Killing 30 People

    • Russian “cannibal couple” may have murdered dozens

    • Cannibal couple ‘admit to eating up to 30 people’ in south-east Russia


    Man: Dmitry Baksheev, 35 years old

    Women: Natalia Baksheeva, 42 years old

    Investigators were tipped off after road workers found a phone belonging to Mr Baksheyev, which included selfies of him with a severed hand and other body parts belonging to a woman.

    And people in the city of Krasnodar may never have known about any of it if not for a cellphone lying on a city street.

    Natalia Baksheeva

    Mr Baksheyev is believed to have killed the woman and cut her up after the couple quarreled with her during a drinking session three days earlier, according to a statement by the Krasnodar investigative committee.

    The couple reportedly drugged their victims with a substance called Corvalol to subdue them before killing them. Their apartment reportedly smelt of the drug.

    Authorities say may be responsible for the deaths or disappearances of as many as 30 people.

    If all the killings are confirmed, the couple would rank among the country’s worst serial killers.

    Local police reportedly discovered eight frozen body parts and flayed skin in the couple’s home along with 19 remains of human skin and a cache of footage called “video lessons for cannibals” and images.

    Natalia Baksheeva, who is seven years older than her husband, came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov region.

    The couple has reportedly admitted to carrying out dozens of murders since 1999.

    The couple are being held in Krasnodar as cops investigate.

    Here is a video of the couple’s apartment:

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    Risks Involved in Underwater Welding – WhatWhenWhy

    Risks Involved in Underwater Welding

    A very common question that gets asked is “What are the risks involved in underwater welding?”

    This article will try to cover what are the risks involved in underwater welding and why underwater welders get paid above average.

    One of the article “Underwater welders make up to $300,000 a year” is an interesting read.

    Why marine welders get attractive wages

    Welding is a task which is unavoidable in many industries such as automobiles, mechanical, electrical, marine, civil, and many more. It is used in erections and fabrications in installations and infrastructures. The welding process in underwater welding is different from the regular one.

    If damages vessels need to be repaired, marine welding is the technology that people use for repairing the same. This is a very specialized profession in the shipping oil industry as well as in the defense operations. This is one the jobs that pay the most attractive salaries. However, the underwater welding risks involved in the job are worth the salary that people earn.

    Underwater welding risks - high salary

    Underwater welding – good payment with high risks

    Water has very little resistance against electricity. If it is left grounded then it can flow very easily through the water. All marine welders are subject facing electric shock, especially when they are involved in wet welding process.

    When welders are working on splash zones, they get to face more underwater welding risks as the waves may throw the welders off balance and result in loose grounding cables. So, proper preparations for marine welding projects are very important.

    Welders should always wear rubber gloves and suits. Completely insulated and watertight cables should be in place and if there are any exposed parts, people should insulate the areas with rubber tape, followed by scotch coat and electric tape.

    Also, welders have to use fully insulated waterproof electrodes.When it comes to underwater welding, both the structure and the welder are at high risks. Welders need to protect themselves from electrocution, so they should be insulated. The voltage of underwater welding sets should be controlled.

    Risks Involved in Underwater Welding - risk 1

    How marine welders can avoid a few underwater welding risks

    It is a known fact that pockets of hydrogen and oxygen formed by the arc can explode. Marine welding produces hydrogen and oxygen which can explode if they are combined in elevated levels. At the time of wet welding, marine welders can hear small popping sounds from oxygen and hydrogen bubbles that travel upward and collect.

    These sounds should be more than enough for the welders to take necessary steps. In order to avoid such dangerous situations, welders can look for areas that can trap gases. Also, they can try welding from the highest points to the lowest when possible. Electrodes which cross then thousand degrees Fahrenheit in an environment that is surrounded by gases might explode.

    Since, marine welders work several 100 feet under the sea, they tend to face pressure changes which can result in dangerous effects when they come up. The bends or decompression sickness happens when marine welders make their way to the surface quickly, as this is when the dissolved gases get into their bloodstream. This can result in fatigue, dull pain and itching in the areas such as lungs, ears, joints, brain, skin and spinal cord.

    How to become an underwater welder: Complete guide

    In order to stay away from such underwater welding risks, welders should avoid a few things such as consuming alcohol, becoming dehydrated, flying immediately after diving, continuous diving sessions and ascending after deep dives.It is a well-known fact that the deeper the welders go, the colder the water will be. If water gets into their skin, then their temperature will drop immediately. This in turn could result in hypothermia, respiratory problems and even death.

    Risks Involved in Underwater Welding - risk 2

    Eliminate the Risks Involved in Underwater Welding through proper precautions

    When the breathing equipment like oxygen tanks, hoses or masks malfunction, then it will be a major problem for marine welders who can’t reach the surface quickly. Since, the oxygen for welders is supplied from the surface; the umbilical may rip or twist. Such dancers will be amplified when people are involved in projects high demolition, salvaging and water current.

    Welders have to take precautions, as nitrogen can be built in their bloodstream. Apart from these, safe-arc welding measures should be taken. As there are severe underwater welding risks are involved, even an entry level marine welder gets a good salary in this profession. Under the sea welding is largely employed in the marine engineering for installing gas and oil rigs.

    Based on the procedures and equipment involved in the process, marine welding can be classified. The most common one is called as MMA or manual metal arc building and it is used for repairing activities in deep water. Hyperbaric and Cofferdam welding processes are generally carried out for marine welding operations.

    Risks Involved in Underwater Welding - risk 3

    These are used for welding offshore structures, steel pipelines, submerged parts of underwater structures and large ships. In order to avoid welding risks underwater, welders can take safety measures like emergency gas or air supply, standby decompression chambers and divers.

    For people who think that the wages they get from the job overcome the welding risks, marine welding can be an awarding career. However, some people might not be clear about which path they should take to get into the industry. They can go online and search for underwater welding jobs, salary and underwater welding risks to understand more about the job.

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    3 Of The World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    During the Middle Ages, the art of blacksmithing was developed and many items of iron were produced which were welded by hammering. It was not until the 19th century that welding, as we know it today was invented.

    These are the 3 of World’s Biggest Welding Projects:

    1. The Emma MAERSK Ship

    Half a century ago, steel ships were built with rivets. Hot metal dowels were placed in the holes of two overlapping steel plates while the dowels were still malleable. The end of the dowels were then smashed flat, pinning the 2 sheets of metal together. However, rivets proved to be unreliable and difficult to maintain for larger vessels, setting a limit on how large a ship could be built.

    Welding accident kills worker / Man burns to death inside pipe after torch ignites clothes

    Today, rivets have largely been replaced by or are working in conjunction with welding. In 2006, the Maersk Line Company created the world’s largest ship by welding 24 huge metal hull blocks together. The massive floating structure spans 1,302 feet long, meaning over 3 full length football fields could be placed on its deck. If you were to take all the welding beads done in the creation of this ship and lay them out together, it’d be easily over 3 miles long. If you were counting multiple passes as separate beads, the line could actually be around 30 miles long.

    World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    2. The Trans-Alaskan Pipeline

    Spanning 800 miles, the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline is accurately described as a feat that couldn’t be done, but had to be done. With the chaos of 1973’s oil crisis, the government removed legislature banning oil drilling in the Prudhoe Bay oil field. Now the only problem was getting that oil from the very northern tip of Alaska down to the southern tip where it could be transported. An army of thousands of welders braved the freezing temperatures and dangerous terrain. Imagine waking up to -30 degree weather, totally surrounded by frozen wilderness for hundreds of miles on every side. In the end, the welders’ work held true. The Alaskan pipeline’s solid structure has successfully withstood multiple events including one of America’s worst earthquakes.

    World’s Biggest Welding Projects

    3. The Empire State Building

    With the collapse of the America economy during the great depression, thousands of welders found themselves desperately seeking work. For most of the United States, no one was daring to start construction projects during such an uncertain time. No one except New York’s top business men. With the emergence of skyscrapers, America’s elite business tycoons were locked in a staggering battle to build the world’s tallest structure. Thousands of welders and workers contributed to the construction of the empire state building. Most welders were so eager to keep their jobs, they performed their tasks at an incredibly alarming speed. The Empire State building was constructed at an average of 4.5 stories every week. Work conditions were incredibly dangerous. Welders could be seen dangling on the edge of steel beams hundreds of feet above the ground with no safety harnesses at all. Even more incredibly, these workers became so skilled at traversing the sheer heights, only 2 deaths are contributed to falling. Being finished in just 410 days, the Empire State Building stands 1,454 feet tall.

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    World’s Biggest Welding Projects

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    Insane Welding Processes

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    2 Insane Welding Processes You Need to Read About

    It’s hard to imagine a world where the tri-faced king of processes didn’t reign supreme. But beyond MIG, TIG and Stick lies a fascinating realm of barely-known insane welding processes. Here are 2 you’ve probably never even heard of.

    COLD WELDINGCold Welding - Insane Welding Processes

    Not so much “cold” as “not hot,” Cold welding requires absolutely no heat. How’s that possible? Instead of using heat to bond 2 pieces together, this process tricks metal atoms into thinking they’re all part of the same piece. Here’s how the first one of these 2 insane welding processes works:

    Imagine metal pieces are made up of atoms that are obsessed with hugging. Specifically, atoms that love to hug other metal atoms. When you stick 2 pieces of metal together, their atoms desperately want to hug one another. But they can’t, because every piece of metal is covered on the outside by multiple layers of oxygen molecules and corrosion (plus dirt, grime, etc.). These layers act as barriers that prevent the metal atoms in one piece from hugging the atoms in another piece.

    Now let’s say you’re in space. Since there’s no air, there are no oxygen molecules to act as a barrier. Only layers of corrosion keep the atoms in 2 pieces of metal from hugging one another. If you remove these layers (by cleaning or wear and tear) and push the 2 pieces together, there’s nothing left to separate the one from the other. Their atoms are now free to hug it out. In fact, the atoms from one piece will hug the atoms from the other so hard; it’ll create a solid-state weld between the two without any heat or filler material.

    Originally, cold welding was more of a problem than a solution. Early satellites contained lots of metal parts. As these parts would interact with one another, their corrosive layers would rub off meaning there were no longer any barriers between their atoms. The pieces would accidentally be welded together in a permanent bond.

    Welding accident kills worker / Man burns to death inside pipe after torch ignites clothes

    Today, cold welding is largely used for nanotechnology. Because nano-fabrication is so small, creating a micro-sized welding machine is incredibly difficult. By using a vacuum to suck out all the air molecules from a container, it’s possible to actually cold weld 2 micro-sized pieces together more effectively than any traditional welding process.


    Imagine instead of a welding machine, you’ve got a napalm bomb. That’s similar to how Thermite welding works. Unlike cold welding, Thermite welding is all about cranking up the heat. Today, this process is mainly used to connect the ends of railroad tracks. As railroads are being built, a gap of about 1 inch is left where one rail ends and the next one starts. A rough mold in the shape of the track is placed around this gap. A large stack that looks like a Dutch oven is placed over the mold. This is called the “crucible.” The crucible is then filled with a Thermite mixture and metal alloys. Thermite is like black powder, in that it burns super hot for a very quick period of time.

    Because the thermite weld is so hot, the ends of the rails must be preheated. Once everyone’s got their hot dogs and marshmallows out, the thermite in the crucible is ignited. The intense heat from the reaction causes the metal alloys in the crucible to melt into a molten liquid. Often times, this reaction can get as hot as 4500 degrees F. To put that in perspective, that’s twice as hot as the temperature of a lava flow.

    Once the metal alloys have been melted down by the termite reaction, the bottom of the crucible is then breached. The molten metal flows down from the crucible and into the mold. Once the metal has cooled, it’s grinned down to a smooth surface. This allows the train to seamlessly glide from one rail to the next.

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    Insane Welding Processes

    If you think this article was amazing, click here to read about 3 of the world’ biggest welding projects.

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    Worker Stabbed to Death by Robot in Welding Accident at Car Parts Factory in India

    robot killing man

    The man was reportedly stabbed by a metal arm and electrocuted.

    Worker killed by robot in welding accident

    A man has been killed by a robot at a car parts factory in India.

    The 24-year-old worker was reportedly adjusting a metal sheet being welded by the machine when he was stabbed by one of its arms.

    Ramji Lal, from Uttar Pradesh, had been working at a SKH Metals factory in Manesar for around 18 months when the accident happened on Wednesday, the Times of India reported.

    “The robot is pre-programmed to weld metal sheets it lifts,” one of his colleagues told the newspaper.

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    “One such sheet got dislodged and Lal reached from behind the machine to adjust it. This was when welding sticks attached to the pre-programmed device pierced Lal’s abdomen.”

    Some local media reports claimed Mr Lal was electrocuted during the accident and died at the scene, although his cause of death has not been confirmed.

    Police are viewing CCTV footage of the factory and interviewing dozens of workers who were there at the time as the investigation continues.

    Assistant Commissioner Rajesh Kuwar told the Indo-Asian News Service: “The company management and the contractor have been booked on charges of causing death due to negligence.”

    The Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union has demanded a full enquiry into Mr Lal’s death and increased safety measures governing work with robots.

    SKH Metals could not be reached for a comment.


    via: Independent

    Here is a guide if you want to become an underwater welder.

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    Welding accident kills worker / Man burns to death inside pipe after torch ignites clothes

    A construction worker was killed Wednesday when a welding torch apparently ignited his clothes while he was working inside a steel drainage pipe at a construction site at Highway 29 in Napa.

    The man, whose name was not released, was trapped inside the pipe and burned to death, according to the Napa Fire Department.

    The worker had entered the pipe to perform either welding or cutting with an acetylene torch. The pipe was 24 inches in diameter, and the man was about 40 feet inside the pipe when the fire broke out.

    These welders at work are real heroes.

    The man cried out in pain, and his partner, who also was not identified, attempted to go to his rescue with a fire extinguisher. However, it turned out the second man could not be of help, according to fire Capt. Scott Sedgley.

    “You can crawl in the pipe, but you can’t turn around,” Sedgley said. Realizing the situation was desperate, the trapped man’s partner backed out of the pipe and called 911.

     The Napa Fire Department was on the scene in four minutes, but it took time to figure out how to get to the man, who was trapped in the pipe under Highway 29. The firefighters rigged up three long wooden poles carried on the fire engine and attached a hook. When they pulled the man out, he was dead.

    “Any industrial accident is bad,” Sedgley said. “They happen to good people, out there trying to earn a living.”

    The steel pipe was intended as a storm drain for a new development at Atrium Parkway and South Jefferson Street.

    Friday, July 2, 2004

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    Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

    top 10 safest countries world war 3 breaks out

    World War 3 is certainly something none of the average people around the world want to happen. But looking at current events with the U.S., Russia and China, and Putin now doing major evacuation drills of 40 million of his citizens, why not watch this video:

    You may like reading this: Most dangerous states in USA

    The list goes like this:

    Here’s the list again:

    10. Switzerland
    9. Tuvalu
    8. New Zealand.
    7. Bhutan.
    6. Chile
    5. Iceland
    4. Greenland
    3. Malta
    2. Ireland
    1. Fiji

    Which would you choose to hide?

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    Student’s 9/11 Chilling Footage Taken From Her Dorm Room Is Going Viral Again!

    911 raw footage

    Driers and her roommate, Megan, awoke to the sound of explosion from the first tower. Confusion as to what caused it soon turned to panic after another plane hit the second tower, prompting them to leave their 32nd floor room at 200 Water Street in a hurry.

    Osama Bin Laden died in 2011

    Now, a video has been making the rounds once again, reminding us how truly terrible those moments were.

    Shocking raw footage from New York University student Caroline Dries shows the horrific terrorist attacks that happened at the World Trade Center in September 11, 2001 taken from their university dorm.

    Via Anon
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    Temporary ban lifted & ‘Rent-free week’ in Neelum valley planned

    Ratti Gali lake Neelam Valley

    MUZAFFARABAD: A temporary ban clamped by the administration on the entry of tourists in the picturesque Neelum valley of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in the wake of a cross-LoC attack on an Army vehicle in the area was lifted on Tuesday to the delight of nature lovers.

    Deputy Commissioner Chaudhry Mohammad Fareed told Dawn that the ban was imposed to avoid any slip-up by the tourists from the downstream areas, most of whom were not much familiar with the topography of the 200 km long valley located northeast of the state capital Muzaffarabad.

    The Army vehicle was hit by the Indian troops with a mortar shell between Athmuqam and Karen at the weekend, resulting in the death of four soldiers.

    You would love to visit: Most beautiful lakes in Pakistan

    Soon after the incident, the administration had not only made speedy arrangements to remove tourists from the vulnerable areas to comparatively safe places but had also stopped entry of further tourists at Nauseri, the gateway to the valley located some 40 km northeast of here.

    “The temporary ban put in place in the interest of the safety of tourists has however been lifted today… Now tourists are at liberty to enter the valley and explore its scenic beauty as and when they like, without any hassle,” Mr Fareed said. He emphatically said that the situation in the valley had returned to “absolute normality”.

    “There is no fear or any kind of threat… The road is open and the weather is awesome (for a visit),” he said.

    The deputy commissioner announced that the valley would observe a “rent-free week” from Aug 1-7, in a rare show of hospitality towards its visitors from any part of the country.

    For those who love camping: 23 best camping locations in Pakistan

    “This is a token gesture of goodwill for those who did not show any sign of fear and trepidation in the wake of Sunday’s incident as well as for those who have always admired the heavenliness of the valley and have a hankering to visit it over and over again, notwithstanding odds, if any,” Mr Fareed said.

    He claimed that no guesthouse or rest house, either private or public, would charge the tourists for accommodation during that week, but only for food or other items of necessity.

    The deputy commissioner however advised the intending travelers to confirm availability of accommodation during that period through their tested channels beforehand so as to avoid any problems in the face of likely overcrowding.

    This article was originally published here.
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    10 Photos That Prove That Welding is The Best Job in the World

    10 Photos That Prove Welding is The Best Job in the World


    1. Very few professions are going to offer you this view? Playing with fire at such height, isn’t that cool?

    Credits: Instagram @ironworkerlife

    2. How do you feel when you get something done with such perfection?

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

    3. Tag a mate who is in U.S. Air force.

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

    4. Welders are friends for life <3

    Credits: Instagram @mountain_man_rick_

    Read this: How to become an Underwater welder?

    5. The Award of “Best Father” goes to this guy 😀

    Credits: Instagram @barbiethewelder

    6. Look at the amount details in this Lady Gaga 🙂

    Credits: Instagram @barbiethewelder

    7. Welders’ toys are the best in the world!

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

    8. Welding is Art. This photo proves it.

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

    9. Perfection!

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

    10. Who wants this one?

    Credits: Instagram @microarcwelder

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