Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan That You Must Visit

Pakistan is located on the face of earth at 30.3753° N, 69.3451° E. The country is blessed with natural beauty and tons of attraction for foreign and local tourists. It offers some of the tallest mountains in the world, deserts, lakes, many ancient cultural and heritage sites. Pakistan has a 1,046 km long coastline that hosts many unexplored beaches.

Though the country has a bad reputation in the international community due to its security situation but the ground reality is very different. Pakistani people are one of the most humble and hospitable hosts in the world. The country has one of the toughest visa policy. International tourists often face difficulty in arranging required paper work to secure a tourist visa. This link details the visa requirements based on nationality.

There are number of lakes in Pakistan but this articles covers some of the best lakes that a tourist must visit in Northern Pakistan.

5. Sail-ul-Maluk Lake (lake saiful maluk)

Saiful Maluk Lake

Location: Mansehra District, Kaghan Valley, Near the Town of Naran, KPK, Northern Pakistan

Coordinates: Google Mapslink

Altitude: 10,577 feet – 3224 meters

Accessibility: The road to the lake is not fully paved (Total distance is approximately 9 kilometers from Naran). Jeeps can be hired from the town of Naran. Some tourists hike instead of renting a jeep.

Depth: No official survey has been conducted but a dive team reported the maximum depth not exceeding 60 feet. Don’t believe any story the local folks tell you about the lake depth.

Best time to visit: July till September

4. Sheosar Lake

Sheosar Lake - lakes in pakistan

Location: Deosai National Park, Gilgat Baltistan,Northern Pakistan

Coordinates: Google Maps link

Altitude: 13,589 feet – 4142 meters

AccessibilityThere are two routes to the lake. The road form the Astore side is almost paved till the lake. One can reach the lake on any car including 0.8 Liter Suzuki Mehran. The other route is from Skadu city. The road is not friendly for Sedans. SUVs with 4WD are recommended.

Depth: Average 40 meters (130 feet)

Best time to visit: July till September

3. Lulusar Lake

Lulusar-Lake - lakes in pakistan

Location: 48 kilometers from Naran towards Babusar. KPK province, Northern Pakistan

Coordinates: Google Maps link

Altitude: 11,188 feet – 3410 meters

AccessibilityPaved road, accessible by any car. 288 kilometers from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad. Travel time: Approximately 8 hours.

Depth: Unknown

Best time to visit: July till September

2. Dudipat Lake

Dudipatsar Lake

Location: East of Besal, KPK province, Northern Pakistan

Coordinates: Google Maps link

Altitude: 12,467 feet – 3800 meters

AccessibilityPaved road till Besal. You need to park your car there. The lake is approximately 15 kilometers from Besal and the only way to reach there is by hiking. Depending on your fitness level, this can be done is less than 10 hours. Other options include renting a horse.

Depth: Unknown

Best time to visit: July till September

1. Rattigali Lake

RattiGali Lake - lakes in pakistan

Location: Near Dowarian, Distract Neelam, Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan

Coordinates: Google Maps link

Altitude: 12,130 feet – 3698 meters

AccessibilityPaved road till Dowarian. 2.5 hours jeep trek. 1 hour hike to the lake from the base camp.

Depth: Unknown

Best time to visit: July till September


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