How AWS Technologies are Helping in Empowering Health Care Industries

What is AWS?

The AWS in the health care industry has a very deep impact on the innovation of our daily lives. The world is changing now; everything is just a click away. Many people have taken advantage of online sites which help you grow your business. Amazon is one of the technological companies which has helped its users and sellers in many ways. AWS, Amazon Web Services, is a good initiative and developing cloud computing platform initiated by Amazon. It provides infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and packaged software as a service. Provides developers with more than 170 AWS services so they can access them from anywhere when they need them.


How does it work?

Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006 from the internal infrastructure that Amazon had built to tackle its online operations. AWS was one of the first companies to initiate a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model that provides users with computing, storage, etc. AWS offers many services, solutions, and tools for enterprises and software developers that data centers can use in around 190 countries. AWS services can be used by private organizations, nonprofits, government agencies, and education institutions. Many companies like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and BBC also rely on AWS.

AWS services are divided into different categories, each service can be composed in different ways based on the users’ needs. Users would be able to see configuration options and server maps for an AWS service.

Amazon Web Services are comprised of more than 100 services. Those services include;

  • Security
  • Analytics
  • Governance
  • Monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Management
  • Networking
  • Data management
  • Storage databases

For instance, Adobe builds and updates software without relying on IT teams. It provides its services by offering multi-terabyte operating environments to its customers. By implementing its services with Amazon services, Adobe has easily integrated and operated its software.

AWS provides data storage for archiving data. People who want to start a business can host their websites in the AWS cloud. AWS makes it easier for gamers across the world to experience the best online gaming with AWS. A feature that makes AWS stand out from other cloud services is the ability to launch e-commerce, SaaS application, and scale mobile. API-based code on AWS can enable companies to build scalable applications without compromise, without requiring any operating systems or other systems.

AWS Healthcare

Healthcare has not been spared from the technological evolution. It would not be wrong to say that technology has proven to be the new standard of healthcare as it provides software, applications, cures, and tests which were once a vague imagination. Healthcare and life sciences organizations are moving towards digital transformation to reduce the cost of care, improve collaboration, and operational decisions, and enable faster development of new therapies and treatments.


AWS health provides progressing visibility into your resource performance and the accessibility of AWS services and accounts. You will use AWS wellbeing events to remember how benefit and asset changes can impact your applications running on AWS. AWS Wellbeing provides important and timely information to help you manage events ahead of time. AWS Wellbeing also makes a difference in being aware and preparing for planned exercises. The feature provides alerts and notices triggered by changes in the status of AWS assets, giving you near-instantaneous insight into events and directions to help speed up your search.

Furthermore, the tools are designed to address a variety of needs, it includes analytics and AI/ML, experienced physicians, clinical system, medical research, finance and operations, and core healthcare IT. AWS Health Dashboard is available to all AWS customers at no additional cost. The dashboard requires no configuration and is ready to use for authenticated AWS users.

AWS Health Care Technologies

Medical Gadgets and Devices

Medical gadgets and devices have always been known to be expensive and limited. Sometimes, even the access to such high-end gadgets becomes real trouble for well-maintained medical facilities. Either the products tend to be costly or unavailable in a certain region. However, AWS healthcare believes in “Remove the friction that stands in the way of innovation” and lives up to its statement. It provides an opportunity for product owners to showcase their devices and gadgets. If their idea is innovative as well as effective, that would help patients, institutes, or companies to rely on more accurate and newer gadgets. It would not only bring innovation to the field but also provide instant, cost-effective and accessible healthcare products just a click away.

Healthcare Providers

Every patient forgets half of the ailment if the healthcare provider communicates and explains their illness with care and attention. Patients like to be heard, want to understand what specific phenomenon in their body is causing such distress, and need to know the ‘perfect, instant’ cure. For the sake of this satisfaction, people tend to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in search of the best medical advisor and healthcare provider but unfortunately, end up in disappointment. Although, AWS believes that “‘Focus on the patient. AWS is how”. AWS Healthcare focuses on the well-being of its customer and provides a secure, reliable, and custom cloud platform that connects you to renowned and specialized healthcare providers. The AI disease detector is one of the patient-centric approaches which is revolutionizing the medical industry. It also delivers a safe space to the providers so they can develop personalized care strategies for the patients. There are 2500 security controls available for the providers as well as the customers so the human administrative tasks are minimized and the human element of care stays in the limelight.


In a life-or-death situation, a wise decision taken in minutes and seconds can help save a life. Sometimes, no matter how experienced a healthcare provider is, he/she needs to rely on the latest on-hand technology to execute that wise decision. AWS provides a solution to it by providing a HealthTech platform where intelligent IT and AI developers can create a reliable mode of lifesaving technology. Through extraordinary cloud management, AWS focuses on critical services that enable IT, experts, to provide a 360 view of the patients’ health. It allows for building new products that can be accessed anywhere at any time through AWS’s extensive global infrastructure.

Genomics and AWS

Genomics is one of the most grinding fields of medicine that needs precision and accuracy to diagnose, encode and decode various genes. It involves repetitive tasks, observations as well as very large data handling. AWS has now come up with a solution that provides more focus on scientific discoveries and precision medicines as compared to spending hours on data handling or redundant tasks. AWS claims to ‘accelerate genomics discoveries’ by providing 40 petabyte-scale open datasets which eventually leads to breakthrough research. Furthermore, it also enables the consumer to choose the efficiency and cost of the optimized genomics data processing. Lastly, it translates raw sequence data into clinical applications.

Source: Amazon Web Service

Biopharm and AWS

Biopharm indeed is a life-changing therapeutic industry that needs innovation more than ever. It lets pharmaceutical companies create, discover, and develop drugs and medication at the private and public levels. To streamline and revolutionize Biopharm, AWS has introduced a platform where organizations can unlock the modern future of therapeutics. The platform provides high-end performance, computing, and a comprehensive machine learning platform. It lets the user choose credible recruits and partners, secure research, and the process of manufacturing. In short, it brings products to market faster and conveniently by providing the right tools and cloud systems.

Source: Amazon Web Service

How AWS Technologies are Helping in Health Care Industries?

  1. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

One of the fine examples of Amazon Web Services technology helping in health care industries is the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, CHOP. CHOP is now using AWS-powered Data Resources to enhance pediatric research. The organization realized that the data handling was now turning into an out-of-control situation that needed self-handling mode so the prime concern of CHOP would be its patients.

 They built Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Center (KFDRC), by using AWS which enabled them to combine interdisciplinary, clinical, and medical research, and imaging data availability of the children across the globe. Allison Heath, the Director of Data and Technology Innovation at CHOP claimed, “All of our systems is currently built on AWS…We went from zero to managing a few petabytes of genomic data within a year using this setup.”

The potential benefits KFDRC received by using AWS Healthcare are;

  • Access to clinical data for the research community
  • Provides visual synthetic data analysis to the researchers
  • Meets FHIR standards
  • Stores data of unique genomic variation
  • NHS Digital, United Kingdom and Pandemic

Pandemic was one of the greatest challenges in the field of medicine in the 21st century. With the growing number of death tolls as well as affected people every single day, data handling became a strenuous task. That is when NHS or National Health System, United Kingdom decided to go digital with the help of Amazon Web Services. NHS Digital has some products that are for the public such as NHS app website which has huge international use. Other products are used by central staff or clinicians like emergency care units or 111 call centers. The rest underpins many local and national platforms used by NHS on daily basis. Gladly, Amazon Web Services’ customized infrastructure helped them handle heaps of medical data, digital products, and services at an extraordinary rate in response to the pandemic. Sarah Wilkinson who is chief executive officer at NHS Digital says, “There is so much more energy and ambition for digital transformation within the NHS now than there was a year ago…here is a level of confidence about the journey ahead that is incredibly exciting,”

  • Change Healthcare and Dynamic Adaptability

Change Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare administrative networks in the United States of America. Over 340,000 physicians and 60,000 pharmacies participate in this network. With the help of AWS, Change Healthcare uploads its essential data to the cloud via easy integration and customized infrastructure. Due to dynamic adaptability, the servers can be recreated and removed by coding by the IT specialists at the institute.

Source: Amazon Web Service

The officials believe that creating a program that would handle such enormous data in traditional style would be costly and would take forever to reach the standard set by AWS.  “By utilizing AWS products and services we have a strategy over the next couple of years to reduce overall dataset footprint by around eighty percent,” says TorstenKablitz, Vice President of IT at Change Healthcare.

  • NSW Health Pathology

North-South Wales Health Pathology, Australia, was quick to move to Amazon Web Service due to an unfortunate pandemic, COVID-19. With the help of Amazon Redshift, which is a fast data handling and running analytics, NSW Health Pathology was able to provide 4.25 million test results in a day.

NSW-Health-Pathology-logoIt is popular among people as it is fast, free, requires no app, and is reliable. One can connect via just an SMS. The overwhelming number of tests were now being handled by improvised AI and machine learning products. NSW also used other AWS products such as Amazon Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Connect, and Amazon Lex. “The service has been one of the highlights of our COVID-19 response at NSW Health Pathology,” says James Patterson, chief information officer at NSW Health Pathology.

  • PHILIPS and Radiology

AWS did not stay back even when it came to Radiology. From diagnosis to AI controls, from deciding on implementing it in the best manner, PHILIPS innovated its data handling with the help of Amazon Web Services.

Philips_Customer-Reference_Logo@2xThe company was facing data challenges concerning quantity, diversity, multiple sources, and data siloes. Philips uses AWS Healthsuite which is a cloud-based data platform and helps with the smart diagnostic system, operational analytics, and cloud PACS for integrated diagnostics.PHILIPS aims to improve 2.5 billion lives by 2030 and for this very purpose they rely on AWS. They believe AWS is the holy grail of speed, cost, and accuracy.

  • Australian Unity and “Internet of Knees”

Australian Unitysubsidiary Remedy Healthcare provides therapeutic and physical therapies for patients who have just undergone knee surgery. Around 50% of patients who have recently experienced knee surgery are more likely to skip the recommended rehabilitation and physical exercises which eventually affects their mobility. The weekly visits from healthcare providers can only help when present in person but there was no way to keep a track on daily basis. So, Remedy Healthcare decided to use Amazon Web Services to provide the opportunity for remote prescriptions and to keep track of the patients’ performance.

Remedy Healthcare built IoK i.e., Internet of Knees which collects movements and flexion data through the sensors attached to the thighs and of the patient. To use IoK, the program uses AWS IoT Core and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to collect data and then process it on the cloud respectively. Here is the workflow of IoK;

Source: Amazon Web Service

The processed data then provides a real-time chart of the patient’s activity and the therapist can remotely monitor it. By using AWS Sagemaker, they have now their remote, integrated software application that helps data scientists to build and prepare an optimized program for each patient.

  • Illumina

The world is expanding, in terms of technology, at a very fast rate. To outstand the competition as well as to bring innovation to the medical field, companies have started to ditch clichés and are looking forward to revolutionizing every single step. Genome sequencing once took decades to create a genome while the scientists of the 21st century are doing it within 24 hours. Illumina is one of the examples in the genomics field that has overpowered repetitive mundane tasks. It produces and markets integrated systems to scrutinize biological functions and genetic variation with the help of AWS technology.

Illumina’s motto is to “unlock the power of the genome to improve human health” and for this reason, they have become partners with AWS. The Vice President of Bioinformatics and Instrument Software at Illumina, Rami Mehio says, “We’re delivering a complete workflow—from sample preparation to tertiary analysis—in the secure AWS environment that allows all of the information generated before and after sequencing to be aggregated and analyzed.”

AWS Healthcare in A Nutshell:

This article provided a detailed overview that how AWS is changing the face of healthcare with the help of technology. It not only allows the healthcare providers to choose what is best for them but it also focuses on the need for innovative products in the medical field by filtering out the traditional practices.From all the top-notch companies that are mentioned above, we can fairly conclude that AWS Healthcare is the new face of the digital therapeutic solution to a better healthcare system across the globe and plays a very important role in achieving business, technical as well as medical goals.


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