Infographics: 26 Interesting Facts About Earth That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of interesting facts about earth but before we talk about, let’s try to realize what is universe and what is our location in this vast universe. Below are some unknown facts universe:

Universe and its size

1 – Universe is 13.7 billion light years old.

2 – The universe is expanding evenly in all direction, not just the matter in it but the space itself.

3 – The astronomers think that there are around 200 billion (200,000,000,000) galaxies in the universe.

4 – Kornreich estimates that there are maybe some 2 trillion (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies in the universe.

5 – 95% of universe is made up of stuff that we can’t see. (70% Dark Energy & 25% Dark Matter)

Observable universe

Our Galaxy – The Milky Way


6 – Milky way is 13.21 billion years old.

7 – It is home to estimated 200 billion stars.

8 – Let’s say there are 2 trillion galaxies in the universe with an average of 100 billion stars in each galaxy, we will end up with 100 octillions (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) stars. 1 followed by 29 zeros.

Clusters of galaxies connected to each other
Clusters of galaxies connected to each other

Our Solar System

9 – Our Sun is also star and 8 planets revolve around the Sun.

10 – It’s orbiting around the center of the Milky way at 250 kilometers per second (250 km/s).

11 – The solar system takes around 225 to 250 million years to complete one circle around the center of galaxy.

Planet Earth

Eclipse on earth
Eclipse on earth

12 – Earth is revolving around the sun at 30 kilometers per second (30 km/s).

13 – Earth is spinning at 1673.718 km/h around its axis at equator. (464.9216 m/s)

14 – It has lots of liquid water, (approximately 1,338,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters – 1338 followed by 18 zeros – fresh and saline)

15 – 3.5 trillion fish live on Earth.

16 – Total weight of ants living on earth is same as weight of all humans on earth. 100 trillion ants live on this planet.

17 – 7.5 billion Human beings live on earth.

18 – Earth is home to 8,700,000 species.

19 – Did you know that there are 18.6 domestic Chicken living on Earth?

20 – There is a possibility of three asteroids could hitting earth in next 200 years wiping out all life.

21 – Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down.

22 – Between 2-4 species of animals and plants go extinct every hour because of humans.

23 – Earth was one believed to be the center of the Universe.

24 – Humans have explored only 5% of the Oceans till date.

25 – 80% of the species living on earth are still undiscovered.

26 – Earth is struck 8.6 million times by lighting every single day.

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