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Getting exceptional scores at college is no easy feat. Modern courses can be quite complex, so you need to take your study game to another level. Achieving a good grade demands that you not only study hard but smart. Verily, you should not merely rely on reading textbooks as that is not enough. Getting stuck on a problem is common and students are often left scratching their hands for the right answer. At Get Desired Grades, you can simply take a picture, upload it to our platform, and get the solution.

Perks of Get Desired Grades:

  • Get 24/7 assistance from our subject expert
  • Get solutions
  • Step-by-step approach
  • Quick Answers
  • Be ready for your Academic success

There is a wide range of subjects being offered at Get Desired Grades, some of them are following:

  • ESL(English as a second language)
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Technical writing
  • Proofreading Content
  • Advanced Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Art
  • English Composition
  • French
  • Arabic

Write like a pro to make a lasting impression:

While we can definitely help you read between the lines, our service isn’t limited to just that. Whether you’re still in school or applying for a job, technical writing skills can go a long way. When employers or examiners evaluate you, they always focus on the correctness of your writing. Thus, the mistakes you make directly reflect on the outcome. At Get Desired Grades, we help you write professionally so that you always make a great impression on the people you wish to impress.

You can check out the subscription packages below:


Get Desired Grades on your smartphone!

Need access to academic assistance on the go? Don’t worry! Get Desired Grades’ app will cater to your study needs whenever and wherever you are. Our drop-in and drop-off questions enable an enhanced user experience, so you never have to compromise on your grades. You simply let us know what you’re having trouble with and we’ll provide a fitting solution. Similar to the website, users can either upload a picture or type their questions. Once submitted, our brilliant subject experts will quickly respond with a step-by-step answer.

Subscribe Today!

When you subscribe to our user-friendly platform, you’re bound to get higher scores at college. So, what if your professor isn’t available to answer a question? We can help you out instead! Get Desired Grades users can ask both drop-in and drop-off questions when they subscribe. Members get a total of 17 credits, whereby one drop-off question is worth a single credit and a drop-in question is worth two. Drop-off questions are available for public viewing which means anybody on the website/application can view them. However, drop-in questions are only accessible to the subject expert and the user who asked them. Subscribers who opt for this option are emailed a copy of the conversation that took place between them and the expert.

If, in any case, you wish to modify the status of your subscription; you can pause, cancel, and resume according to your convenience. Users can also upgrade and downgrade their plans. 

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