Myths Attached with Ancient Swords

Ancient swords are the most effective weapons, symbols of splendid power, used over the centuries as offerings, in ceremonies for crowning, and as treasured objects for trade. Over the years, some of the ancient swords had been very famous.

Every culture has ancient stories related to heroes and their ancient swords. Here is everything you need to know about seven ancient swords from the world.

Zulifqar the ancient sword

This sword was first given to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) by ALLAH. This ancient sword is famous because it was brought from Heaven by Jabraiel handed it to Muhammad. The sword has a unique shape of a v-type blade from the top which looks like scissors.

Later on, Muhammad (S.A.W) pass it to his son-in-law Ali bin Taib.

For the people in the middle east and those who are in Islam religion, this sword has a special place in their hearts.


This was considered the sword of the God of storms. Shinto kami used this sword when killing the serpent Yamata-no-Orochi. This story can be clearly seen in the Record of Ancient Matters. SusanO-O was always envious of his elder sister, Amaterasu sun goddess.

One day, he flayed a horse and threw its body into a weaving loom before excreting it on the floor of the palace. He was exiled for this act and found himself in the Izumo prince.

During the storm, god’s wanderings, he came across a couple grieving the impending abduction of their daughter Kushinada-hime. Their other seven daughters had already been taken and ruined completely. That eight-headed serpent  Yamata-no-Orochi was the one who took their life.

SusanO-O, seeking revenge, agreed to kill Yamata-no-Orochi. He ordered people to make eight barrels of the strongest sake possible and place them on raised platforms with eight gates around them. The serpent came and drank the sake, while it was distracted and trapped by the eight gates, SusanO-O cut all the monster’s heads and tails.


The renowned Holy Roman Emperor had this special sword. It is the ancient swords that claim to have within them a part of the same spear that pierced Jesus as he hung on the cross.

Like every legendary sword, it’s said that no blade could ever match Joyeuse. It was rumored that the sword could turn many colors and that it was so bright that it blinded the enemies of Charlemagne(Roman Emperor) on the battlefield. 

Masamune was the finest swordsmith in Japanese history. One of Masamune’s students was Muramasa, whose swords were always thought to be considered cursed due to the fact he wished for them to be used for lethal purposes. Muramasa challenged his teacher to a sword-making competition and created a blade that was so strong that it cut everything it touches.

The blade changed into formally specified as a Japanese National Treasure, but later tragically misplaced after World War II.


Ancient sword owned by King Arthur of England. It is claimed to possess many magical powers and is often associated with the Sword in the Stone. Though, the two swords are generally considered separate. Its name comes from the Welsh word for “hard cleaver”. 

Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur as a gift to King Arthur when he came to power. Its blade glows enough to blind its enemies, and is inscribed with “Pick it up” and “Throw it away.”

Seven-Branched ancient Swords

The Shinto shrine was built in AD 4, Located in Japan. It is famous because it houses a number of national treasures, which also include a legendary sword known as the seven-branched sword. An inscription on the blade reveals that the seven-pointed sword was gifted by Crown Prince Baekje (an ancient kingdom in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula) to King Wa, the ruler of Japan. The fragile nature of the sword’s limbs suggests that it was never used as a weapon, but served a ceremonial function.


It is the ancient legendary sword belonging to the hero of the Volsunga saga. A strange man went to her sister’s wedding and stuck her sword in a tree. Later it became known that the man was the Norse god Odin. He challenges everyone and declares that whoever draws this sword will bring them many victories. Sigmund is the only one who can pull it out.

Sigmund used the sword in many battles until it broke in half. He kept both pieces of the legendary sword and passed them on to his son, Sigurd as part of his inheritance.

A warrior named Regin comes to live with Sigurd to train him. Meanwhile, Regin tells Sigurd about the dragon Fafnir and asks him to kill the dragon to get his treasure back.). Sigurd finds Fafnir and kills him with one blow.

There are other stories about Grama, but this is the best known. Grama has been described in many ways.


This ancient sword is inserted excessively up in a rock in the clifftop village of south-central France. It’s almost 160km to the north of Toulouse in France, this iron sword has a lot of mythical origins. According to nearby people, the sword, known as Durandal, was given to Roland who has a prominent history in Roman and  European tales.

Roland was the nephew of the well-known Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne. He was the finest of the Twelve Peers, who were the top warriors of the emperor’s court. Roland is known for the last stand at the Battle of Roncevaux, a real historic conflict that later romanticized into a prime conflict among Christians and Muslims.

The ancient sword Durandal turned into started to be imbued with extremely good powers. A lot in order that Roland tried to wreck it that allows you to save it from falling into the fingers of the enemy. It is stated that he flung Durandal into the air, wherein it magically landed wedged withinside the rock in Rocamadour, wherein it stays to this day.

Every historical sword has a story linked to it, and there are many factors that make a sword historical. It can be because of its shape, the person who had it, and the ancient myth about that sword.


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