Every Welder Wants To Lay His Hands on these Tools

These 8 must-have premium gadgets for welders will change your welding life. It has also been said about these toys that every welder wants to lay his hands on these tools. These necessary welding tools are every welder’s dream. You can buy these products at amazon store with a special discount using the link given below each product description!

Let’s get started with the list of these amazing gadgets:

1.Viking 2450 Black Welding Helmet

About this item:

  • PREMIUM OPTICS – The 2450 Series features the exclusive 4C lens technology which creates a crystal clear, true color view of the arc and puddle. This enhances your control and increases weld quality while reducing eye strain.
  • LARGE LENS – The 9.3 square inch auto darkening lens provides a large field of view to offer enhanced application versatility, increases productivity and also has added safety benefits.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT – The one-of-a-kind X6 Headgear contours to the operator’s head to evenly distribute weight across six key contact points. This improves balance, eliminates pressure points and provides a personalized fit for maximum comfort.
  • INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY – Innovative low-profile external grind button allows you to quickly switch between weld and grind modes without having to remove the helmet or your gloves.
2450 Series
2450 Series

Product link: https://amzn.to/3KZuEG5

2. Strong Hand Tools, Nomad, Steel Welding Table

  • Three 1. 1″ (28mm) slots in the tabletop allow for insertion of clamps to reach any point on the table.
  • Tabletop tilts to three positions: Horizontal, 30°, and folded for mobility.
  • Two retractable, perpendicular steel guide rails can be used as guides, stops, or clamping edges, this necessary welding tool is highly recommended by professional welders.
  • Affordable, convenient welding and work table for the welding shop or home shop
  • Tabletop height can be adjusted from 26″ to 32″ (660 – 810 mm).
  • Table moves about the work area on 2 sturdy casters.
Nomad Table
Nomad Table

Product link: https://amzn.to/3qa1eLy

3. Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves

  • Slip-on pair of welding sleeves for protecting the arms from welding spatter and heat
  • Made of 9 ounce flame-resistant material
  • Elastic cuffs at each end for protection and holding sleeves in position
  • Sleeve length 21 inches
  • Brand Name Lincoln Electric
Flame resistant welding sleeves
Flame resistant welding sleeves

Product link: https://amzn.to/3cLX2Pc

4. Miller Electric MIG Welding Gun,250A,15 ft. L Cable

  • Durable, Comfortable Handle
  • Error-Proof Liner Trimming
  • Pulse Welding Capable
  • Superior Wire-Feeding
MIG Welding Gun
MIG Welding Gun

Product link: https://amzn.to/3wYcoH5

5. Combo Weld JKT, Royal/Blk, Ctn/Leather

Welding Jacket
Welding Jacket

Product link: https://amzn.to/3D1e4nf

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6. Auto-Darkening Welding Lens

  • World renowned lens technology provides crystal clear view of the arc and puddle
  • The exclusive Liquid crystal lens broadens the color RANGE & hues which can be seen in both light and dark States
  • Eliminates Color saturation for a true Color view
  • Reduces eye strain for all day comfort
  • High quality and consistent performance which minimizes blurriness and distortion
Auto Darkening Lens
Auto Darkening Lens

Product link: https://amzn.to/3QtZoA9

7. Lincoln Electric Caliber 17 Series TIG Torch; Necessary Welding Tool

  • PREMIUM TIG WELDING PERFORMANCE – Innovative features designed to provide long-lasting performance and enhanced versatility for a premium TIG welding experience
  • COMPACT, INNOVATIVE HANDLE DESIGN – Lightweight and ergonomic over molded handle improves grip to reduce finger fatigue
  • ULTRA-FLEXIBLE CABLE – Nylon braided exterior with soft silicone core provide elite flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • INDUSTRY STANDARD EXPENDABLES – All Caliber TIG Torches are compatible with industry standard front end TIG Expendables
Lincoln Electic TIG Torch
Lincoln Electic TIG Torch

Product link: https://amzn.to/3TKdvnt

8. Wilton 63295 Welding Shoe Clamp

  • Flexible Design Reduces Number Of Clamps Needed, Set Up Time And Storage Space
  • Reaches Where Conventional Clamps Cannot , Can Be Located Anywhere On A Fixture, Table Or Fabricated Piece
  • Direct Clamp Mounting-Quicker And Easier For Aligning And Leveling Plates And Sheets
Welding Shoe Clamp
Welding Shoe Clamp

Product link: https://amzn.to/3KNNvUs

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