Complete Guide to Becoming a Pilot and Flying Your Own Plane in Pakistan

Private Pilot License in Pakistan

Owning and flying a plane yourself seems like a dream, especially in Pakistan. This article tries to cover the cost and procedure of securing a Private Pilot License – PPL(A) and estimated cost of importing different kind of private planes.

Training cost to become a pilot, buying your own C-150 and the license fee would set back around 5 million rupees (50 Lacs). 

The first thing you need to do is to enroll yourself in a flying club and get the required training. Once you have the required flying hours’ experience, you become eligible to secure a license which is issued by CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Below are the steps to become a pilot:

  1. Attend a flying school and obtain the required flying hours’ experience
  2. Secure a license
  3. Starting flying a plane

There are some basic requirements to get yourself enrolled in a flying Club. Every flying club strictly follows CAA guidelines to enroll a student. Below are few of those and detailed requirements can be found on respective flying club’s website.

  1. Medical fitness

Medical fitness test is done to ensure that your physical and physiological health allows you to fly a plane. The test is conducted by authorized aviation medical examiner. The medical fitness requirements are designed by Civil Aviation Authority. Below are few of the tests conducted to ensure your medical fitness:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Eye test
  • Hearing test
  • Stress ECG
  • A few more that your flying school will explain
  1. Minimum age: 17 years
  2. Education: HSSC (A level) (F.Sc.)
  3. Clearance certificate from Local Police or Intelligence Bureau

Once you fulfill these basic requirements, you then get admission in a flying school and go through a written examination before you can sit on pilot’s seat and start the training. Flying club will get you a Student Pilot License (SPL) during the course of training.

Private pilot license in pakistan

Written examination covers some basic subjects including Air Law, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Navigation, Operational Procedures, Principles of Flight and Radio-telephony.

These are some useful links to CAA website:

CAA General Licensing procedure

CAA Technical Training

CAA Basic Flight Training

CAA Licensing Fee Schedule

Private Pilot Licensing Fee schedule (Peshawar Flying Club)

Admission fees30,000/-
Membership fees (8 months @ Rs.1000/ Per Month)8,000/-
Insurance cover (July to June)5,000/-
Books, maps, computer etc. (at actual)36,000/-
Tuition fee (8 months)30,000/-
Flying charges on C-150, 2 seater aircraft (40 Hours)560,000/-

Once you have the 40 flying hours’ experience, you can secure a PPL(A) (Private Pilot License – Aero plane) from Civil Aviation Authority. The license cost of PPLA is 2500 Rupees.

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Now that you have a PPL(A) license, you can fly a private plane. One of the most famous and reliable 2 seaters private plane is C-150 (Cessna 150)

The plane was produced from 1958 – 1977 and a total of 23,949 planes were produced.

Pakistan customs will charge you 15% of the price of Plane if you import it. C-150 would cost around 3.5 to 4 million in Pakistan including the Custom duty.

Few Cessna 150 for sale can be found here.

Some famous flying clubs in Pakistan:

1 – Schon Air
Quaid-e-Azam International Airport
Schon Hangar
General Aviation Airport
Karachi – 75200
Contact: +92 324 9211110

2 – Lahore Flying Club
Walton Airport, Lahore
Contact: +92 300 4017171

3 – Hybrid Aviation Flying Club Lahore
Walton Airport, Lahore
Contact: +92 321 4409848

4 – Pakistan Aviators
PO BOX 6300
Lahore Airport, Lahore
Contact: +92 42 36685592

5 – Rawalpindi Flying Club
Chaklala Airport
PO Box 75, Islamabad/Rawalpindi
Contact: +92 051 5591565

6 – Multan Flying Club
Multan Airport
Contact: +92 61 6306612

7 – Peshawar Flying Club
PO Box No. 5, Peshawar
Peshawar Airport, Peshawar Cantt.
Contact: +92 332 9073466

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