Russian Cannibal Couple were Arrested for Killing & Eating more than 30 People

Russian cannibal couple broke the internet a few days ago making some interesting headlines, a few of them are:

  • Cannibal couple made human meat PIES and supplied them to local restaurants after luring female victims on Russian dating sites.

  • Russian cannibal couple, who ‘murdered, ate, canned’ humans, detained

  • Russian ‘cannibal couple’ suspected of killing up to 30 and posing with body parts

  • BUTCHER HOUSE – Inside the Russian ‘cannibal family’s house of horrors’ where they ‘killed and ATE 30 people lured from dating sites’

  • Russian Cannibal Couple Admits To Killing 30 People

  • Russian “cannibal couple” may have murdered dozens

  • Cannibal couple ‘admit to eating up to 30 people’ in south-east Russia


Man: Dmitry Baksheev, 35 years old

Women: Natalia Baksheeva, 42 years old

Investigators were tipped off after road workers found a phone belonging to Mr Baksheyev, which included selfies of him with a severed hand and other body parts belonging to a woman.

And people in the city of Krasnodar may never have known about any of it if not for a cellphone lying on a city street.

Natalia Baksheeva

Mr Baksheyev is believed to have killed the woman and cut her up after the couple quarreled with her during a drinking session three days earlier, according to a statement by the Krasnodar investigative committee.

The couple reportedly drugged their victims with a substance called Corvalol to subdue them before killing them. Their apartment reportedly smelt of the drug.

Authorities say may be responsible for the deaths or disappearances of as many as 30 people.

If all the killings are confirmed, the couple would rank among the country’s worst serial killers.

Local police reportedly discovered eight frozen body parts and flayed skin in the couple’s home along with 19 remains of human skin and a cache of footage called “video lessons for cannibals” and images.

Natalia Baksheeva, who is seven years older than her husband, came to live in Krasnodar from Omutinsk town in Kirov region.

The couple has reportedly admitted to carrying out dozens of murders since 1999.

The couple are being held in Krasnodar as cops investigate.

Here is a video of the couple’s apartment:

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