23 Things That You Should NOT Do While Visiting USA

About 75 million tourists visit USA each year. People come from different cultures and backgrounds. There are certain things that you should NEVER do while visiting USA, here are a few:

  1. Don’t point your middle finger at anyone, this might get you killed.

    1. Don't point your middle finger at anyone - 23 Things That You Should NOT Do While Visiting USA

  2. Don’t Yell Allahu Akbar in a crowded place, you really don’t want to know the outcome.

    2. Don't yell Allahu Akbar in a crowded place

  3. Never travel in your car without wearing a seat belt.

    3. Not wearting a seatbelt

  4. Never drink and drive, Police won’t let you play with that.

    4. Don't drink and drive

  5. Never Use you mobile phone while driving, no texting or talking over the phone.

    5. Don't text and drive

  6. Don’t Disrespect an american flag or say anything negative about the US troops, this will land you in some serious trouble.

    6. Don't disrespect american flag

  7. Don’t bring something that is legal in one state to another state where it’s illegal.

    7. Don't bring something that is legal to another state where its illegal

  8. Don’t get in someone’s personal space. Keep distance from people when you are talking to them.

    8. Don't get in someone's personal space

  9. Don’t stare at someone. Watching is fine but staring offends most.

    9. Don't stare

  10. Don’t park in handicap space. Unless you have the right to park there.

    10. Don't park in handicap space

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  11. Don’t try to get in the elevator unless everyone has stepped out.

    11. Don't step in the elevator before other get out

  12. Don’t walk on the left side. Always keep right.

    12. Walk on the right side

  13. Never ever cut in line. People hate that.

    13. Never cut in line

  14. Don’t joke about bombs and terrorists. It might be a normal joke back where you come from but people take it very seriously in America.

    14. Don't joke about bombs and terrorists
    Prank Tweet by a teenager
  15. Don’t discuss politics/religion with people you just meet.

    15. Don't discuss politics and religion

  16. Never reach for your pocket when you are stopped by a police officer. Keep calm and don’t get out of your car either.

    16. Stay in car when stopped by police

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  17. Don’t get in an argument with a police officer.

    17. Don't get in argument with police

  18. Don’t honk your horn unless you are in an immediate danger.

    18. Don't honk

  19. Don’t expect special treatment by displaying your status or wealth, everyone is treated equally in USA.

  20. Don’t forget to tip. The servers need tips to come close to a living wage.

    20. Don't forget to tip

  21. Don’t joke about obesity, It’s rude.

    21. Don't joke about obesity

  22. Don’t try to see the whole country in one trip, you can’t even come close to visiting all the states.

    22. Don't try to visit all us states, its huge

  23. Don’t be afraid to share you culture with Americans. Americans are busy and most don’t get the chance to travel outside America.

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