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Get ready to be surprised to know many developed US cities with most homeless people. Homelessness is a very serious social issue in the United States. Around half a million people are homeless today in USA and won’t have a roof on top of their head when they sleep at night.

Homelessness is a problem in town of all sizes but bigger cities have a higher number of homeless people. A survey in conducted every year in January by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The count includes people sleeping in streets, under the bridges, in their cars and temporary shelters. It doesn’t include people who are sleeping over at their friends’ or at relatives’. It also doesn’t include people sleeping in motels and hotels. So this figure is an approximation. Let’s find out which US cities with most homeless people.

Total number of homeless people in USA as of January 2016 were 550,000.

Top cities with homeless people:

10 – Philadelphia

Philadelphia homeless

Total Population: 1.553 million (2013)

Homeless people: 6,112

Estimated median household income: $36,836

9 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas homeless

Total Population: 603,488 (2013)

Homeless people: 6,208

Estimated median household income: $49,289

8 – Boston

Boston homeless

Total Population: 645,966 (2013)

Homeless people: 6,240

Estimated median household income: $53,583

7 – San Jose

San Jose homeless

Total Population: 998,537 (2013)

Homeless people: 6,524

Estimated median household income: $80,977

6 – San Francisco

San Francisco homeless

Total Population: 837,442 (2013)

Homeless people: 6,996

Estimated median household income: $77,485

5 – District of Colombia

District of Colombia

Total Population: 658,893 (2014)

Homeless people: 8,350

Estimated median household income: $67,572

4 – San Diego City

San Diego City homeless

Total Population: 1.356 million (2013)

Homeless people: 8,669

Estimated median household income: $63,456

3 – Seattle

Seattle homeless

Total Population: 652,405 (2013)

Homeless people: 10,730

Estimated median household income: $70,172

2 – Los Angeles City

Los Angeles City homeless

Total Population: 3.884 million (2013)

Homeless people: 43,853

Estimated median household income: $48,466

1 – New York City

New York City homeless

Total Population: 8.406 million (2013)

Homeless people: 73,523

Estimated median household income: $52,223

San Francisco is going through a serious homelessness crisis and it was one of the top searched keyword recently in google search. On December 7, 2016, over 70 news organizations — including the Google News Lab — in San Francisco and the Bay Area coordinated to report the issue of homelessness.

Sources: Forbes, Citydata



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