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What is happiness and what makes us happy? How to find happiness in life? How to find happiness within yourself? These are the questions that you are going to ask yourself at some stage in your life. Being happy is a feeling. It can only be felt if you have something to compare it with, like being sad or upset. Deep down, all humans are born with same nature so there are few common things that make us all happy irrespective of our cultural, social and religious differences.

1. Make someone happy – Help others

Whenever you have this question in your  mind “What makes us happy”, help someone without expecting anything back; you would probably have the answer. Share happiness to be happy. Make someone else smile everyday and you will see how much difference it has on your own happiness. Help someone even if you are unhappy. It is going to feel amazing. Share your meal with a homeless person, talk to a stranger everyday and listen to the story of their life.

Make someone else happy

2. Spend some time alone

Human are today connected with each other like never before. Email, messages, phone calls, social media – we spend a lot of time connecting with other people everyday and forget to connect with ourselves. Spend some time alone. It allows you to reassess where you want to be in life and where you are headed.

Spend alone time

3. Do what you love

One of the best way to be happy is always do what you love. Walk alone, paint, watch a movie, dace, sing, hang out with friends, do whatever makes you happy.

Doing things you love

4. Get a good sleep

Good sleep and happiness has a very deep relationship. It has been proved through research that people getting enough sleep per day are happier and healthier than those who don’t sleep enough. An adult needs 8 hours of sleep every night. It reflects in greater performance and improved immune system.

Sleeping well

5. Food

Everyone love eating good food. Full tummy makes everyone happy and all the work we do everyday is to feed our tummy and have a shelter above our head. So eat healthy to stay healthy and happy.

Eat healthy

6. Exercise

Keep your body fit to be happy. A healthy body and mind can generate positive thoughts. Hit the gym or just walk a few miles everyday. Physical activity has a deep connection with your mood and you will feel the difference in your sleep pattern, learning ability and memory.

Jogging and happiness

7. Travel – Solo or with friends

Plan a holiday, either alone or with your friends. Go to places you have never been before and enjoy  as much as you can. If you can’t go for a vacation, at least plan one. There is a research proving that planning a holiday makes you feel more happy than actually being on a holiday, so do it as frequently as you can.


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