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What would happen if earth stopped rotating suddenly? The possibility of earth standing still all of a sudden is practically zero. Before we understand what would happen if earth stops rotating all of a sudden, let’s first see what’s happening on earth right now?

Earth’s Distance from sun: 150 million kilometers

Earth’s Orbital Speed around the sun: 108,000 kilometers/hour

Earth’s mass: 5.972 × 10^24 kilograms

Age: 4.543 billion years

Density: 5.51 g/cm³

Gravity: 9.807 m/s

Earth’s rotation around it’s own axis: 1673.718 kilometers/hour at the equator. (Source)

There are two things to be considered here:

  1. An object that is in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest.
  2. Every thing on earth and in its atmosphere is also rotating with earth at the same speed which is 1673.718 km/h

So as soon as the earth stops rotating suddenly, following thing would happen:

  1. Humans would suddenly fly towards east at 464.9216 m/s at the equator. The speed slows down as you move towards poles.
  2. There would be super mega tsunamis and eventually all the water would move towards poles flooding South and North pole as shown in the picture below. Bad news for Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, China, South America, New Zealand and obviously for Antarctica. This would create huge land mass around the equator.what would happen if earth stopped rotating
  3. Since the atmosphere is already moving, there would be wind storms speeding at 1670 km/h as the earth would come to a stand still.
  4. This high speed wind would cause erosion to the surface of earth.
  5. People in the planes would feel the effects a few second later when the gigantic storm would hit the plane destroying it and everything within it.
  6. The high speed winds would also cause fire on a global scale.
  7. Earth will loose its magnetic field so magma inside the earth’s core will erupt from every possible hole in earth’s surface. This would cause earthquakes.
  8. Earth will loose it electromagnetic field hence there will be no protection from the cosmic radiation from the sun.
  9. Half of the Earth would be constantly exposed to the Sun causing extremely high temperature and the other half would freeze.
  10. There would be no 24 hour day and night but 6 months long day and night.

There are many articles detailing what would happen if earth stopped rotating suddenly, few of them are linked below: Source-1 Souce-2




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